Southampton v Arsenal (PL)

Southampton v Arsenal

Saturday 2022-04-16T14:00:00Z
St Mary’s Stadium
Premier League

A win is needed to keep our top four hopes alive. It would also set us up well for the matches against Chelsea and Man United. Let’s do this. COYG!


  • Southampton win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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A loss here and I’m retiring for the season



Another bottle job.

Lacazette starting again

Fuck watching this

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Speaking to another Gooner at the gym yesterday.

These reeling after what Chelsea did to them.

Absolutely cannot see an Arsenal win here :pensive:

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Can this match get here already? Can’t fucking wait!

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I’ll be on a stag do in Shrewsbury so thankfully can’t watch what will be an inevitable shit show of our capitulation to another woefully inadequate team that we decide to give all the points to


LADS LADS LADS OI OYY :beers::beers:

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Closely resembles Arteta’s team talk

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Would explain a lot

It’s another round of head versus heart for me. Fucking hate that.

It’s actually LADS LADS LADS BOYS BOYS BOYS, thankyouverymuch

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I’m tempted to get some tickets as it’s local but we’ve been so bad lately I’m feeling the golf course beckoning instead.

Really hope the team get the wheels back on but no confidence in Arteta to organise them when he has a few key players missing


We’ll make it more labored than we need to - teams have gotten a bit wiser as to how to play against us and neutralize us and our injuries is a serious issue atm… but we’ll win imho. Problem is I think Spurs win as well and it might just come down to GD this year, as crazy as that seems.

ATM on pace for 68 points - but this wobble along with the LC/ManU/Nottingham wobble is hard to excuse as they were perfectly placed opportunities to step on the necks of our top 4 rivals and end the discussion.

This year I reckon will be easier path to top 4 than next year too (in terms of points) and we’ll be in Europe (and hopefully relevant in FA Cup too)… just not good enough.

Derby of dickhead teams that need to bounce back


Please do not put Xhaka as LB anymore. If we do so, it will be like moving the self detonated bomb closer to our own goal from midfield.

Saka should be the first choice, then the natural left footed Nuno as 2nd, this is the least changes we need to make. If we put Cedric as LB, then need to move White as RB, insert Holding as CB… don’t think we can absorb that many changes in one.


It’ll be fine margins I reckon. Whatever the result though we won’t do well enough from the Spurs, Chelsea, United and West Ham games to finish above spurs.

we kind of must win this game don’t we.


Saints were so poor at the weekend. Only one who looked like he was trying was the goalkeeper!

I think we’ll win this. And we have Chelsea a few days later - which I also see us getting something out of given Chelsea’s tough week.