Something Going Down in Turkey!

Two of the main bridges out of the city closed off and martial law implied in Istanbul. Looks like a section of the military has tried a political coup.

Live updates here…

Jesus christ, will be following this one closely!

The Reddit link I posted show

phone footage of a tank driving down one of the streets.

Going to a wedding in Turkey in September. I was trying to rise above all the other shit but a military coup might be a step too far :pensive:

BREAKING: Turkey’s prime minister says a group within Turkey’s military has engaged in what appeared to be an attempted coup.
This is a developing story and we will bring you more details soon.

It’s such a shame, I love Turkey, have spent many holiday there and the people are very hospitable. Was talking to one of the guys when there two weeks ago about the political situation and they can’t understand why people still holiday there when it’s in such a mess, they called us crazy.

Two different messages coming out of Ankara. The military saying they have control, whilst the government still adament they are.

Possibly the worse time for any uprisings in Turkey

Explosions hear din Ankara. Some serious serious shit!

Actually it’s footage of a helicopter opening fire. Fuck!

This is not good! Looks like he’s going to go down fighting.

What does a coup mean? Why are the military doing it?

In basic terms it means to over throw and is normally used in connection with forced regime change.


I wish I never knew the answer for that question.

The military are carrying weapons, hence they can impose things by power even against the will of people. Coup will grant the military more benefits like money, power, tax exemptions and higher stature in the society. They’ll be protected and above the law. They come to power, they never move like a fucking tick, sucking the blood of the people.

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Very worrying, Turkey is absolutely crucial to Europe’s security.

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What does this mean? :worried:

I’d imagine the US are about to take some action to prop up the Turkish government. It’s absolutely inconceivable that the west loses Turkey.

The US (and us and the rest of europe aswell) will absolutely make sure the military are stable in power. I’d be very surprised if this came out of the blue to security services in the west…

Reports the Erdogan had left via the presidential jet now saying he’s been arrested.

A curfew and martial law have been imposed.

Jesus christ.

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Turkish head of state urging the people to flock to the streets and resist the military coup. Via…Facetime?

Also apparently seeking asylum in Germany.

To be fair as much as it’s unwelcome and people will get hurt. This is probably a good thing. Erdogan was getting a bit power crazy and trying to form a dictatorship for some time.

A military Coup is never a good thing in any aspect, do you think they’ll give up power? I think this is a disaster for Turkey and Turkish people.