Sol Campbell


Can’t dislike Sol, for as much as he’s a real weirdo if he doesn’t walk out on Spurs 2001/2002 & 2003/2004 don’t happen.


That’s a hell of a claim.


He was hugely important, the missing link in our defence, we all saw what happened when we had to play Cygan a lot at centre half in 2002/2003 because of injuries.


He was a huge influence. Objectively speaking, he was one of the best CBs in the world when we won those titles. You lose a hell of a lot without BGS in the team.


No shit we’re not as good when you replace Campbell with a large inanimate carbon rod. But according to wiki he played 33 league games that season which was in fact more than the 31 the season previous.


As good as Bergkamp, Pires, Freddie & Cole were, I ranked Sol as of 3rd most importance at that time after Henry and PV… can’t underestimate how important the spine of the team is. ( now that’s not to say he was a better player individually than those guys)


Obviously it’s all opinion based, much like I’d rank Vidic of more importance to United from 06-09 than Rooney & Tevez for eg…



Anyone else follow him on Instagram?

He’s fucking odd as fuck :joy:

Always posts a selfie of himself reading some shit or doing work on a laptop with some bollocks quote normally whilst on the train :joy:


Heh. You were not exaggerating