Sol Campbell


Good luck @Sol Hope he does great


I saw his cryptic Instagram post earlier and wondered what he was up to :joy:

Good luck to him.




I don’t wish him luck tbh, think he seems like a wanker and I don’t really feel much affection towards him from his Arsenal days


Well he’s one of the greatest minds in football so he should be a resounding success there so he won’t need any well wishing from any Arsenal fan.


Considering he made the decision to move from Tottenham to Arsenal, I don’t doubt his intellect at all.
He may do well.


This is a big loss for British politics


I assume he applied for this job.


He thinks outside the box…


:joy: “… I think France”

The little pause before he says it too, ffs.


I think Campbell is one of the only players impossible to hate, the guy literally snaked our biggest rivals for us, what a man. I wish him well


I think he’s one of the most unlikable people to have worn an Arsenal shirt in my lifetime.

Thankful for his service to the club and he was an immense CB at his peak but I can’t stand the man.


Why is that? (genuinely interested) Granted he doesn’t have much of a personality but more unlikeable than Nasri, Adebayor, Bendtner, Anelka or Ashley Cole?


Watch this again and still say you don’t like him :joy::joy:





Literally Johnson from the Peep Show.


I’ve got a 32-inch plasma in mine…get an FA Cup Final up on that bad boy, and you are seriously looking at that FA Cup Final.


Unreal. Absolutely no shame.


Reminds me of this Friends scene


Check this gem out from Sol on the difference between the Premier League and League Two:

“The difference between the Premier League and League Two is just margins, decision-making and things like that.”