Sky Sports to replace numbered channels and slash prices in revamp


Even saving a slight bit of money is good when you only watch the football. Means I am only paying for what I want to watch. I never watch any other sport on sky so it’s good for me. Every PL match is live on Sky PL. All I need. :slight_smile:


Oh for sure mate. But as others have mentioned in this thread, are Sky going to show all our games purely on the Premier League channel, or will there be occasions you’ll need the Football channel as well? I guess we’ll find out over time how they decide to show everything. If you can get away with one channel, then saving the extra £9 a month will be a worth while save.


Yeah thats the whole point of the channel. All PL live on Sky PL. In the press release. :slight_smile:


It must be bullshit but the Mayweather McGregor PPV is rumoured to cost £129.99 for people without the full sports package.


The once great sport of boxing has turned into a motherfucking circus.


I feel like this is vaguely reminiciant of one of the Rocky films.


Ignore the fact it’s a F1 link, here’s a good comprehensive breakdown for how much purchasing Sky Sports package under the new format will cost, across all formats, well worth a read.

Seems what Sky fail to mention is there’s an extra £6 to go on top if you want it in HD. HD really should be seen as a default thing now, not an extra. But companies still insist on prizing any extra money they possibly can it seems.


Unless you just stream everything. :grin:


Am I reading correctly that sky’s basic TV comes with a non-HD box? The fuck? So does it not have BBC1 HD etc?

Not sure how they got their Virgin Media figures on that site but for me it’d still be cheaper to pay Virgin’s £32 for the entire Sky Sports package than it would be to switch to Sky and pay £18 for the PL and far worse broadband.

I hate how this has become nothing to do with sports and everything to do with broadband and TV. It’s just telecoms companies trying to steal business from each other and using sports as the carrot but IMO that really shouldn’t have to be a factor in your choice of utility providers.


You can pick SD or HD Boxes. HD is dearer


Why is SD even still a thing ffs. Got 4k on the way


It’s been just over a year since Sky revamped their Sports package. Curious to know if there’s been many takers on here since the change and has it been better?


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Well you know me, I like a good thread bump :wenger: Actually I’d seen Sky advertise their sports package the other day, so reminded me of this thread.