Sky Sports to replace numbered channels and slash prices in revamp


Ah fair play, wasn’t trying to catch you out, just thought you were often posting and using streams in MDC. Though that could easily have been for BT games.

Streams can be unreliable for sure but I think that’s becoming less and less the case, and I was pretty regularly getting streams that were indistinguishable from the HD matches you get on the telly via subscription.


Yeah that would be for the BT games :slight_smile:

I can believe that but I much prefer watching it on my big tv compared to my small latop screen


There’s a wonderful invention called a HDMI cable mate, you should look into it :wink:


Great stuff. No longer have to pay for sports like golf. Who even watches that other than grandads? :slight_smile:


I can’t believe Sky kept their ridiculous prices after they lost all European football and more league games. Considering how many people they must have interested in football only it’s basically paying the same shit for half as much.

Unless they do this soon and make it cheap (I’m guessing the football package will be the most expensive one by a long way anyway and it’ll probably only be cheaper actually from Sky which I’ll never get) I’m still planning on just getting BT next season and streaming the rest.


People saying they use a subscription service for streaming that works all the time? Do you all use the same one? What’s it called??

#27 if memory serves.


Ha yeah tried it a few times but your still watching a stream lol.


BT streams are also far less reliable to source for reasons I can’t explain, compared to Sky, so that’s also harming the latter’s cause

I can stream Arsenal games on Sky on Kodi no problem but it almost never proves successful with BT


Yes but as I said, the streams I get are regularly indistinguishable from sky on the telly, so if I play them on the telly I might as well not be watching a stream lol

Anyway, you like having a sky subscription, that’s fair enough


Tbh there’s nothing better than when I go to visit my mum and dad and have sky sports. Premier league and la Liga coverage all day :smiley:


Will be doing this on the first day. Goodbye Cricket/Darts/Rugby/Golf/F1/Tennis. :wave:


Quite suspicious of that set up, looks like to be sure of getting all the football games you want in order to watch Arsenal you need both the Premier League channel and the football channel and probably the “main event” channel as well. Still looking at nearly thirty quid a month for that subscription, and that’s without the European games.


And you know if and when they get those back you’re gonna have to add Sky Europe to your package.


I pretty much watch all sports anyway so I’ll just pay the £27.50. I mean even if you only want football it’ll cost you £22, the extra £5.50 isn’t going to break my bank.

Besides, I’m also quite suspicious of this Main Event channel which you only get if you have all the others. The Sky Help team are being pretty iffy about it on Twitter but seem to be saying that anything on that channel will also be shown on one of their other channels - though they don’t seem to be that clear about it - but if that’s the case then what is the point in having the channel?!


I don’t pay for sky sports for my place so I’ll have to speak to my dad about it and see of he’ll be saving anything or paying more.

If I’m honest I much prefer BT Sport coverage now anyway, not sure I could justify getting sky sports when I’m going off the coverage anyway.


And to get the Main event channel you need to have the full sports package and I’m kinda suspicious of what will actually be on that channel. They’ve not gone into much detail yet (doesn’t seem like they want to either :thinking:), wouldn’t surprise me if the biggest games are on there.

I should have read all the responses here before posting :laughing:


Bare in mind the full sports package is £27.50 extra a month on top of the basic Sky package of £22 a month. It’s not as if these offers make the monthly expense go down by much.

Say if you only sign up for the Premier League channel and nothing else, your payment goes down to £18 extra a month which saves you £9.50 a month but all that really means to the average consumer is that a £50 a month expense now becomes a £40 a month expense and you can’t catch any other sport at all or even a bit of La Liga or European football every now and again.

It’s still not really affordable for the average customer and if this is supposed to adapt to the market in some way it’s such a baby step.


Virgin are doing a great deal at the moment (shame i cant leave sky until the end of next year) at the moment for 1 year it is 200mb internet free international calls and local calls (good calls package) and every single channel available (cartoons, movies all sports etc) for £80 a month…a brilliant deal and apparently if you renew with them it is not just a deal for new customers its something that if you constantly get a new contract with them they give you it at £80…but if you dont it goes to £120. I guess £120 for really fast internet unlimited phone usage and all channels isnt terrible either. I am paying close to £70 for sky each month for pretty much the basics with only 30mb internet.


Honestly, that price restructing from Sky doesn’t even seem worth the hassle. I mean, unless you watch just one sport, then really, most are going to need two or three channels, which ultimately means you barely save anything, and may as well subscribe to all the damn channels anyways.

The thing that gets me is, including Sky Sports News, that’s 9 channels they have. And I’m trying to think how on earth are they going to show enough content throughout the year to justify all those channels.

On paper, £27 for 8 channels, is better value than BT Sport which is round the same price but for 4 channels, but in reality, BT Sport seems to mostly have the better choice of what they show now overall compared to Sky.

Imo, Sky should’ve looked at doing one channel for say £12.99 per month. 2 channels for £15. The flexiblity will certainly entice people to pick and choose, but the prices may not be enough to sway enough people over.

Wouldn’t surprise me if some continue to either carry on with streaming, or use the Now TV option. All in all, paying for Sport continues to be pretty damn pricey compared to any other TV structure.