Sky Sports to replace numbered channels and slash prices in revamp

Thank fuck! Means I can just buy the Premier League channel instead of currently having to buy every other sport which I have no interest in.

About 10 years too late if you ask me.

Well overdue really, so many channels and yet they’ve been losing sports left right and centre since BT Sport came along. It’s kinda ironic in a way they’ve decided to follow the model of the F1 channel, as the amount of content they show on there has significantly dropped over the last 5 years, to the point where I feel they don’t need a dedicated channel for F1 anymore. They’ve got quite lazy really with the coverage, I was kinda expecting them to drop the channel after 2018, but maybe they won’t now.

But aside that, it be great being able to just pay for what you actually want at long last, but took far too long to get with the times.



Good for them. I’m sure it will stop people streaming. :wink:

I’ll keep using Kodi and give SportsMania my £55 a year for 40 odd sports channels that work faultlessly.

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Should have done these years plus sky sports football will probably cost the most tho. Just need 3pm kick off on tv now with the ability to choose any match the watch

Agreed, it’s too late because I think they’ve already alienated a generation of people like us who will probably never be willing to give them our money now.

Cynical short term loss making exercise to acclimatise a more debt conscious generation to S*y Sports, nothing more. Prices heading north within a year

I’d always prefer to pay for HD quality football on my tv over streaming on my laptop for free.

Wait til you have a mortgage.


They fucked up royally by not getting ahead of the internet. Data transfer is only going to get faster and illegal streams more available. They can waste money all day fighting the legality of the issue or they can compromise and look towards a symbiotic relationship like Netflix. Less money more value.

There is still money to be made for them they just need to ditch their anachronistic approach and look towards what is relevant now.

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ok dad :wink:

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You’d be lucky to have me for a dad. Although you’re only ten years younger than me so that would be weird. I already had a fucking mortgage by your age. :weary:

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i would imagine its more about market share than lost sales. Unless you were being Facetious? then, as you were :smile:

Absolutely I was. :slight_smile:

fuck you, and your intelligence. :smile:

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Are you a sky subscriber?

Pay as you watch TV and smaller bundles purely for sports channels certainly seems the way forward. Likewise with the BT Sport model (although for how long they can keep their prices relatively low I’m not sure).

I’m not so sure how much it will revamp their sales and viewing figures, once people switch off it’s hard to get them back. Either way the long term effect could be negative for PL clubs. There’s just no way Sky and BT can sustain the amount they spend on football, it’s just not feasible when tv is gradually declining. It’s basically just one growing bubble that’s waiting to burst.

And likewise to some here it seems, when choices have to be made subscribing for sky sports at £40+ a month just isn’t worth it. I happily pay for Bt sport as it’s quite cheap and it’s easy to sort out tv and broadband + a home phone in one go. It’s not as if it’s hard to watch games online, plus the big games I prefer to watch at a bar anyway.

The subscription isn’t in my name but I pay for the football package. Can’t imagine my weekend afernoons without it tbh