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Just like on the old VB forum, post in this thread for any issues you might be occuring on here or anything you’d like to see improved on. If you’re unsure how to use a feature, post in here as well.

Thanks folks!

Mysty :slight_smile:

Will take time to get used to all the new layout and features but it looks brilliant!!! So clean and modern compared to the old one, and works so much better on the phone


Just bare in mind that while we’ve done plenty of work to make the site look as good as we can, it’s still work in progress so to speak.

For sure it’ll definately take a while to adjust. It is for me! I’m sure after a few months and the content fills up again, we’ll be all good.

But from where it was when we first had it, I think we’ve made it look really good. Really a massive credit must go to all the Mods and Admins who have taken the time to help with this move, in particular @Shill @Craigie and @Bl1nk .

We’ll make sure at some stage to make the usernames a little more standout.

You’ll notice that there are post counts still, but you have to click on the profile to view them so to be speak, same with join date and other info.

What I will say is, if anyone wants to know how to quote a post, simply highlight the text from the post you wish to quote from and a little “quote reply” box appears. Neat huh? :smiley:


I really like that quote reply feature! Also realised by accident you can keep the reply box thing that appears open whilst browsing the forum.

And the keyboard shortcuts !!! :rosicky:

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So much epicness on discourse.

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Will take a bit of getting used to but looking good so far fellas. Good job!

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New site looks too minimal :bellerin:

It is going to take quite a while to get used to. Again, everything isn’t fully setup yet, but also certain details still exist, they might just be located elsewhere compared to before :slight_smile:


However, my Avast is still warning me about malwere on this site.

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That will go away once we delete vbulletin.

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Thanks for the news :slight_smile:

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So much easier to keep on top of latest posts. Makes it all a little bit more instant, like MDC.

Why do you still want my money? :giroud:

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Some questions…

  1. Can the avatars be bigger?
  2. Will signatures be added or?
  3. User titles? Will there be any of those?

Not much in way of customisation atm is why I ask.


Looks good so far though. Top work gents! :slight_smile: Going to take some getting used to but yeah. Liking it so far.


I am an old school guy… still prefer to have categories… easier to locate postings and threads

  1. Not sure if this is possible atm. The only way to see them bigger currently is clicking on the profile. But I do agree I’d like to see them a little bigger. We’ll certainly increase the wording on member name size as that’s still bit too small for my liking atm.
  2. Nope, signatures are a thing of the past now. You can write something similar in your profile but thats it.
  3. There’s no user titles unfortunately. Alternatively, you can do what I’ve done and type in a message in the ‘About me’ section of your profile, and use that as a user title section. I’ve put my ‘Mystical Wonder’ tagline as you’ll see if you click my name on this post :slight_smile:

Thanks Mysty

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Cheers @Mysty. :slight_smile:

Liking the usercard pop up thing. Added a picture to the background of mine but it’s messed up a little. Will have to play around with it later to get it the way I want it.

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No problem mate. I better give you your Silver anniversary badge while I remember :wink:

There are lots of settings and stuff to play around with on here. Shame though it doesn’t ask for birthdays, anymore. Now when are we going to know who’s birthday it is? :santi:

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@Bl1nk @Mysty

How do you embed tweets?! :confused: lol :joy: