Sin bin “blue cards” to be introduced

the way they try to add that 10 minute penalty like ice hockey, sooner or later they may introduce unlimited player substitution… then allow fighting, 10 minute major.

That’s always been the case though right?

I don’t believe so. I seem to remember that change being introduced a couple of seasons back.

It might have even been introduced at the same time as the increase in available substitutions.

The three stoppages for subs didn’t change. Naturally enough when teams could only make three subs it took care of itself.

I quite like 5 subs, but that’s probably it.

I think 5 subs came in during covid and it wasn’t mandated immediately that it was only 3 substitution windows. So I think Jules is right in that there was a specific rule then brought in (3 sub windows) when 5 subs made it’s comeback.

There was never more than three stoppages allowed.

Though teams can now make five substitutions, each will only have three opportunities to make changes throughout the match in order to minimise disruption to the game.

And the 20/21 season they even went back to three subs until bringing back in 5 in 21/22.


Yeah that’s the period I was talking about, when the covid change came in not the later formal change.

Couldn’t find anything to confirm number of sub windows in that first change, thanks for doing so :slight_smile:

Good thing I’m here and my memory is fucking weird i guess.

I was busy trawling through covid 2020 matches trying to find an example where 4/5 sub windows had been used lol

Closest was this and Wolves vs Chelsea but figured the 69/70 min windows were the same in reality.

Wish I’d found the BBC article looool

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The wiki season page and it’s sources are your friend in situations like this :slight_smile:

I’m confused. The traditional rule of 3 subs has been around donkeys.

What was the rule before?

I don’t. I think it’s too many. The concussion subs are sensible, for in game management 3 is really enough.

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I’m back on board. Bring on the chaos!

That would mean a team whose goalkeeper was sin-binned would need to decide whether to bring on a substitute goalkeeper by taking off an outfield player to cover their absence for 10 minutes, or cope with an outfield player in goal during the period of temporary dismissal.

in hockey, if the goalie receive a minor penalty, like delay of game, the team can pick one player from all to sit in the box for him.

of course, hockey has unlimited substitutions, so it does not have much effect.