Sin bin “blue cards” to be introduced


Dissent…fucking arseholes.

They’ve made a balls of this before it’s even begun.


Odds on Arteta getting the first blue card?

like the idea in principle… my only concern is this crap seems to take forever… what they need to do is execute crap faster and force faster play on dead-ball situations on top of this. Game can get too bogged down.

You just know this will turn into a bit of a circus initially.

Ref blows whistle and issues a blue card.

Teammates of player receiving blue card go wild.

Opposition players yell at ref to issue additional blue cards.

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All this means is even more VAR and constant video replays.

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What happened to this game man. It’s a laughing stock now


And refs think they get enough abuse now. What the fuck are they doing to the game? Who are the cunts who sat around a table and dreamed this up?


can someone discuss how the referees receive a ban/penalty/pink card when they make a mistake?

like the players’ union?
come on guys, you cannot let the PIGMOL and the league doing whatever they want.

The same people who probably thought it was more important to crack down on “touchline behavior” than dangerous play.


You got it in one, Joshua.

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So players just need to suck it up and not show any emotions while the stupid refs keep on making their stupid calls? They’re turning this game into a joke of a dystopian nightmare.


just bullshit like NBA

I’m not as dumb as I look and if you’ve seen me, you’d know that’s a real shock to the system.

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so that means any decision no matter how bad will have to be swallowed or half a team could be binned. Makes it easy to match fix eh make results go a certain way even when wrong. Solidifying the refs grip on everything…no one can question them anymore.


What a stupid fuckin idea

sin bin it off

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Hey I like the idea of a 10 minute 5 a side in the middle of the game, mixes it up :grin:

On a full size pitch? That sounds awful.

When a seismic new rule like this is introduced, PGMOL / the FA (or whoever) should go to every PL club in the league at the beginning of the season, and set out exactly what the new rule is and how they intend to enforce it. Make it completely transparent. Also explain in detail what will happen if players subsequently react with further dissent when a blue card is issued.

You literally need to get football players and the coaching staff in a room - spell this shit out to them.

I hope they do this anyway, but this would be the bare minimum required before bringing this rule in.