Sheffield United Vs Arsenal (FA Cup Quarter Final)

Sunday 28 June
KO: 13:00 :clock1:

This game will be much easier in an empty stadium I think. I will go 0-2 to the Arsenal just like this evening. Lets get to (an empty) Wembley!! COYG

  • Arsenal to go through
  • Sheffield United to go through

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It’s the hope that kills you


Would have said Sheff United, but they’ve been quite shit since the return and I’m on a high from seeing us win, so I’m going for Arteta’s army to inflict another 3-0 defeat on them.

Nah. We’re not winning this. Not this season.


Here goes.

6-0 Arsenal.


Really could go either way, but I’ll tip Sheffield to edge it, even in today’s win we still looked so poor.

Sheffield United have been absolutely dreadful in both their games so far, though. That gives me hope. We just need to be a little less dreadful.

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Yeah even with a 3 month break to allow players to recover from injury, work on tactics with the manager and get up to speed we still look absolutely dreadful.

If we by some miracle do beat Sheffield, we’ll just go out in the Semi-Final to whoever we meet there.

There’s no way this team has the bottle or mettle to make it all the way.

The fact that Sheffield United have been dreadful and there will be no fans to give them a rocket up the arse, I believe there is a good chance for us to win this.

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I would like to believe we could win this but at this stage it’s down to how much the players want it. The United players difinately do imo so we must at least match that determination.

Oh dear - we know that’s a problem don’t we? :wink:

This is a bigger problem

Hi Leper sorry I keep using big words let me know your preference ?


I haven’t missed the football but I have missed this :joy:

Oh I’ve missed the football we’ve so different.

I must lack determination :grin:

See you can use big words when you try…well done!


Can see Laca, AMN and Nelson start here

We should win this and I think Arteta will put out a strong side.
He’s won the FA Cup twice with us so he knows how important it is to a manager to get a trophy and I think this will be something he will focus on.

I’ll go for us to win 2-1 in extra time and Pepe and Aubameyang to score.

Great news for Sheff United – Luiz starts!