Serie A

Juventus getting fucked twice in one day,absolutely glorious

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Lautaro Martínez

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Was never his biggest fan but his form since the World Cup has been top. He’ been scoring nonstop the past month.

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Watched the coppa italia final tonight.

Thought it was decent. Fiorentina really missed a lot of chances in that second half

Inzaghi is a man excellent cup tactician. If you could merge him and Conte together you’d get a coach for the ages lol

Good preparations from Inter for 10th June.


I see a James Horncastle article. I read it

Well Atalanta just pulled one back v Inter to make it 2-1 but still looking good for pot 2 for us after fiorentina beat Roma earlier.

All down to Juve v Milan really.

Anyone else watching Juve vs Milan to finish off this fine footballing Sunday?

Fine Sunday? This was supposed to be a Bank Holiday Premier League trophy celebration.

I’ll catch the second half.

All Milan need is a draw to secure CL football, right?


bullet header. Unreal !

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Let’s be honest Giroud has been stellar actually

We just never appreciated this World Cup winner


Juventus missing out on the champions league :syringe::syringe:


loooooooooool donkey did it for the Arsenal

I wonder if this loss was for the best. I think had he won the EL, he would most likely be off to PSG or someplace else.

It still feels like he’s got unfinished business in Rome. This is probably the first team since his second stint at Chelsea that felt like a proper Mourinho team. Man Utd wasn’t that and neither was fucking Spurs.
Rome loves him, the players love him, the former players love him. Owners need to back him now and push on.

If he gets that, there’s no reason going to that poisonous club in France. He isn’t even the owner’s pick. It’s Campos and the rest of the management that are pushing for him. And judging the way it’s going, it won’t be long before they’re replaced too.

Spaletti may be going but Napoli will be there. Enrique is most likely taking over. You’ve got Juve who will be back. Inter is already finding form. Milan will be back. Lazio are there. Fiorentina and Atalanta are really good sides. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Conte back at some point.

If you’re not in the PL, this is the league to be.

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Roma needed a win against a Spezia fighting to survive to secure EL. Spezia scored early on but Juve needed to win their match to jump above Roma. Roma managed to equalise but Juve scored meaning Roma had to win. The drama was too much, Il Faraone won Roma a penalty right before the 90tb minute and Dybala successfully converted to put Roma above Juve again.

Fucking love(and hate) this league so much. :rofl:

Tears from the lion

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What’s happening, has he retired?

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