Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Ah right, didn’t see that.

Edit: Actually, that doesn’t add up.


That’s only 52m in Euros. Way short of the 65m in the previous tweet and less than our first (rejected offer).
All fucking lies.


Send them a pack of twix and it’ll be fine.

45m and Partey should do it.


Add a dozen of Bush’s Best Canned Dark Red Kidney Beans.
That should do the trick.

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Kidney beans are the best brevvv. Love them in stews, gives u that creamy texture. Its soo easy. You just open the can a boom ready to go.

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Nice. Sounds disgusting.

This seems to be the price of every fucking player these days so why not


Josh Kroenke to Edteta on the WhatsApp group.

Following this rumour will turn out to be a heartbreaker imo. Tielemans is where the money at. He may be a heartbreaker as well, but more realistic atleast.

It’s funny seeing inflation go.

A few years ago every player was £35-40m then it was £50m and now it’s £60m


Everyone supposedly skint from covid lack of revenue too :ozil:

Years ago this guy turned into an absolute monster in FM but was also insanely expensive… that’s about the extent of my knowledge of him… would be very happy with this profile of player at CM though.

I thought we learnt our lesson from that Arsenic guy now this GoonersView is aggregating every piece of shite information.

Give me strength.

This is the rumour mill tbf.

If we don’t talk about rumours during the summer you takeaway a load of chat in the off season


So this SMS dude…


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Man Utd looking to sign him according to reports in Italy.