Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Thought it’s time he got his own thread

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Don’t believe this to be true but really think if we want him then we should just pay the €65m because Lotito is a notoriously stubborn negotiator and if he sets that price then that’s what we’ll have to pay.

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I believe Sports_Witness were one of the first ones to break the Jesus news back in April. Either way just spend the €65m he is sooooo good


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not sure you quite know how Arsenal enter into, and complete transfer negotiations !

So no Tielemans then


i am happy with that if we sign this monster

I mean it’s safe to say if it’s a shootout between Tielemans and SMS it’s no contest.

SMS is a physical beast and with strong technical skills whilst I think Tielemans is a slower and less physically dominant profile of player


He wouldn’t play in the same position but SMS would bring some physicality to our midfield that will go missing if Partey ends up suspended.

Is he 65m euros worth?

we get this guy and a LB and a winger i dont wanna hear any such crap of ‘we lacked ambition’ those people can get in the damn bin.


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Apparently we had a £47m bid rejected already and wont meet their asking price

Pretty sure there were reports 2 years ago he that was a €100m player, then a year ago a €80m player and now a €60m player. Is he getting worse or is reality just hitting now :ozil:


SMS is a player who would seriously move the needle. Guendouzi, AMN, Torreria out and this G in.

His value goes down every year his contract progresses

Lazio want £68mill ffs, well this was a nice pipe dream while it lasted.

Pay the money, we can afford it

68m is an awful lot of money. I think he’s worth it personally though. Rate him more highly than Phillips and probably Rice as well.

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Need to just pay it now, and probably go after Tielemans too considering Partey might not be available.

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