Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

We gotta buy him fast before the Partey news is official. His price will only go up the more desperate we get.

Well his transfer price just went from €68m to €100m and I wouldn’t be surprised if Tielemans transfer price all of a sudden jumped as well.

Fuck me just when it looked like Arsenal were getting back on track, the banter era rears it’s fucking ugly head like a dormant case of genital herpes.


Yea I hate to be that guy that makes it about football because that is secondary and its a very serious allegation, but it kinda makes sense we’re linked with him now. Signing him and Partey was too weird because they are very similar players, sounds like a replacement

They’re literally nothing alike though.

More likely that Xhaka is off, maybe Sambi off on loan for a season. Elneny and SMS as the defensive shields in the squad, Partey* and Tielemans as the deep-lying playmakers and Odegaard/Vieira pulling the strings behind the attacking line. 2 good players for each area/role is what winning teams have.

Bit of a pipe dream without Champions League money though.

*Ignoring gossip, waiting for facts and supporting the courage of victims of abuse everywhere.

SMS is not a defensive shield by any stretch of the imagination.

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So we want to sign our second white Vieira of the summer

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Idk, club has kinda been neglecting the midfield for a while now. This came out of left field but Partey’s body hasn’t been able to withstand a full PL season since he got here. We’ve allowed Xhaka to stay well beyond his sell by date. We fucked off Guendo for peanuts and replaced him with Sambi who isnt anywhere near the same quality. To top it off, sat on our hands in january when we may have been able to get a decent player. Unforseen occurrences happen, but our midfield has been bare bones for a while now without anyone really too concerned over it apparently.


Think we were linked with this guy a few years back as well and remember seeing his clips on youtube which were quite impressive. Given Lazio as asking 65m, I’d assume he’s been doing quite well. But for guys who’ve watched him regularly and if the question arises between him vs Tielemans, whom you’d go for?

Watching his highlights im a bit worried he looks clunky and a bit donkeyish, Some would say Lukakuesque. We have enough imobility in xhaka already.

sure you are not looking at someone else?

SMS without a second of thought.

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He’s a big guy, he’s like 6’3 or 6’4 so a lot of guys that size don’t have the fluid movement of smaller guys. But he’s deceptively tricky to dispossess even though his movement looks a little clunky at times.

Kind of like Zlatan in that he looks like he does things in slow motion when he dribbled but he always found a way to beat his man just through timing and pure technical ability.

SMS is so far clear of someone like Xhaka

He’s insanely elegant for having such a robust build. Literally just looks made for the EPL. I’ve always thought he’d be a perfect City player. Hopefully he’ll settle for City Lite

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Physically speaking I think he’s literally perfect for England. He’s actually a monster lol


Could he replace Partey in the 6?

His best role would be where Xhaka was playing when we had a fully fit team. He’d kill it there

Yeh I followed him a little after we were first linked the first time and he’s different class. One of the few complete midfielders out there in the game right. Probably only CM I would wish list over him would be Veratti but as you say that build would probably give him the edge in the EPL even over him.

I don’t think it should be a case of him or Tielemans I actually think both would help ease our CM woes for the next 5 years.

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We need a no 6 tho. Dont trust lokonga yet.

Would rather he didn’t. It takes away a huge part of his game in ball carrying and line breaking movement.