Semi-Automated offside technology

I quite like this technology from what little I’ve seen of it in the Champions League.

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but wont there be confusion with the new rules will it be able to sense if a leg is on or off etc.

Used in the world cup a few years ago also?



About time!


Thank god.

I assume this automatically checks all instances of possible offside so a Toney/Emirates incident can’t happen again.

they will use it as a tool and they will then add their own ‘interpretation’ to what is collected and do what they want anyway. You will just hear ‘we made a mistake in interpreting the image’ nothing will change.

Wonder how many apologies will be issued with this new tech with the excuse ‘we are getting used to using this’

PL, as usual, 3 years behind others.

Truly the Apple Inc. of football. Releasing features after Android had it for a decade.

Do other leagues have it? I only recall seeing it in the WC.

Very positive news. I was getting concerned that there was going to be a move to scrap VAR completely…the issue for me has not been the principle of VAR but the way it is run by the refs who are the real problem. Automation is the way forward and should make the system more accurate. Anything to reduce the timescales for a decision is positive too which should keep more people on site. Maybe one day, there will be an AI Ref and Linesman!

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What a crying shame that would be.

So you’re one of the ones that would prefer to go back and allow the refs to have total control?

I think the implementation has been shit and worse than before it came in so I have absolutely no problem scrapping it. I see zero benefit.

Don’t trust the current lot to fix forward.

Ok. I come at this from a different point of view which is that the refs are awful, and they were getting key decisions wrong. The status quo needs to change and I was actually concerned that the implementation was done badly, so that the decision would be made to scrap it. Automation is definitely the way forward and will mean greater consistency in my view.

Well I agree but offsides are the one they already get right most of the time. We’ve had a very rare fuck up with the lines but it’s everything else where the problem lies.

The fundamental principles of the way it’s been implemented are fucked and leading to wrong decisions being allowed in both directions (ref wrong not overturned, var making unnecessary decisions forcing ref hand).

They’re clearly all trying to help each other stay relevant cos the ultimate solution would leave the on field ref almost irrelevant. Plus genuinely think they’re happy to flex the interpretations to create drama.

The official stats will paint a different story but I feel the quality of reffing overall (on field plus var) has gotten worse since it’s introduction.

People forget that we had more controversies back then compared to now.
Amount of goals that was chalked off or incorrectly given due to offside calls was quite high.

Atm, you hardly get given a goal that was offside or vice versa. It takes a massive fuckup for a mistake during offside.

VAR has been a blessing and it takes a seriously incompetent bunch of refs to fuck it up.

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Well this is where our divergence starts so explains the rest. Feel we get a ridiclous decision in almost every single game (not arsenal, the whole league) these days.

It may be heightened with var, it may be that the expectation is higher with the second layer of review but imo they’ve done exactly what you said in your last sentence.

The context of controversies has changed.

Back in the day, it was easier to accept most decisions that went against you because we’re all human and we all fuck-up. From time to time a really bad one would happen and that slow churn of rare events became the narrative that “this is why we need to use technology” which is how we got here.

VAR not only sucked the life out of spontaneous celebration and triggered long delays in games but has highlighted something that’s less “human error” and more “organisational incompetence” which is harder to accept on a basic level. Especially when it seems to work fine in other competitions.

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