Thierry Henry mustn’t exist in this guys head

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What do we think of shit?

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Lol fuck off Ange…

They have Unai to deal with next. Get rekt.

If it’s one thing the media are good at, it’s building a new manager up and then bringing him down.


Ashley Williams on MOTD thinks it was game management that let them down. But that can’t be the case because Ange can do no wrong.


On the first goal, it almost looks like Ange is calling for the ball to be played in behind for Kulusevski.

And I think Wolves may have sussed something out about Tottenham’s structure. They caught Tottenham out on both goals by playing quickly into the channels.

Wonder when it will catch on with the pundits on Motd pointing out how to play against spurs. They regularly did/do it with us :thinking:



istory of the totnm


No Premier League team had ever trailed for 87 minutes and gone on to win.

Really? :pires2: Why do I feel like this has happened before though.

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I don’t think it has. We’ve had last min turnarounds where a team has been losing and actually turned it around and won (Wolves this weekend gone, Spurs at Leicester 2 seasons ago, Man City v QPR, etc) but never trailing that long


You might be thinking of our game against Bournemouth which was the longest between going behind and scoring a winner. But we were level on 70 mins in that one.

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Mate, its the history of the mate Tottenham mate


They’ve done this sort of thing before, like when they 3-0 up at half time against against Man City who had a player sent off, then spurs lost 4-3, and also lost 5-3 against Man U after being 3-0 up.

Same. It doesn’t sound that weird, does it? I have definitely watched matches where a team losing won in extra time. I’m not having this :sweat_smile:

I expect they are saying no other team “trailed for 87 minutes” and won. To concede in the first 3 minutes and then win the game after equalising in the 90th minute is probably unique.

Basically just trolling Spuds

Yeah I know what they are saying. I can read. But I’m sure a shit team like Bournemouth or Norwich etc got a lucky early goal and then held on until the end?

To clarify, I’m sure the fact is correct. It just feels like something that should have happened before.

Insert obvious joke about them being stripped of all their trophies…