Scottish Fitba

I had faith in him when he was appointed, knew he was capable.

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Celtic fans idolise him :joy: he can do no wrong in there eyes haha. Really interesting to see how they cope in the higher standard of the CL

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0-9 at the 83rd can they do what Liverpool couldn’t ?


I think they will. Utd have mentally given up :joy::joy:

Away game too, the home fans must feel like shit.

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Fair play to the home fans that have stayed lol theres not that many of them still there :joy:


The two managers that lost 9-0 have now both been sacked :joy:

Never happen at Southampton.

Celtic already beating Rangers.

They can’t deal with the relentless pressure and running. Angeball really is great to watch as neutral

Reminds me of Klopp’s Liverpool from a few years ago

Jota will probably go as Celtic’s record transfer next summer. What a player :joy: that chip finish was sensational

He thinks their reaction, or non reaction rather, to the Queen means that the world hates Celtic now and no brands will want to work with them.

Should probably add, he’s a Rangers fan

After Glasgow Celtics main fanbase is Ireland. Don’t think they’ve done too much damage here based on what I’ve seen on Twitter.

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Does he get minutes for Denmark @Cristo ? Guy is a midfield monster

Good Danish name that.


Place of birth: Hounslow :sweat_smile:

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Definitely rooming with Thomas Delaney then.


Matt O’Riley?

He plays for the u21s quite a bit, I think it’s a matter of time before he gets called up! He seems to be doing really well which is awesome

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