Scottish Fitba

Nah was never watching the scum over this game haha

Mad with Everton worries in attack how good a season Simms has had.
Not sure he’s the real deal but were they are he would of been a big help.

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Imagine my shock when a striker scores a goal like that in cup semi final :joy:

Ours don’t do that. I’d forgotten what it looked like

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Poxy way to make a cup final for Rangers. Good game and good effort by them after ET in midweek.
Come on Hearts.

Doubt anyone really gives a toss but the hoops about to wrap up the title. 1-0 up in the 20th old firm game this season.

1 1 good battle in the second half and Rangers could of took it at the end but a draw basically seals it for the bhoys.

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Some save from Hart at the end there. That’s why you need a world class goalkeeper.

Celtic had the first half. Rangers the second

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Yeah turned into a decent game basically because Celtic shat the bed. Rangers should’ve nicked it but that Rangers striker seems to only have the ‘near post finish’ in his locker.

Wanted to see more kicking the shit out of each other though. I miss Scott Brown :sob:

I’m very surprised an ex Chelsea captain is in the Celtic end tbh :joy:


Did you know by law Rangers have to get a penalty every game?

Snoop is a hoop apparently

No one on here is watching the Scottish Cup final but what an incredible save from Gordon at the end there. I was waiting for the ball to go in lol.

We go to extra time

Hearts doing the Chelsea :joy:

This could be there 3rd Scottish Cup final defeat in 4 seasons

Poor effort by them this today. Been in decent form last few weeks but havent dealt with the expectation.

Side note Lee Johnson at Hibs could be a good move. Teams always play attacking football.

Excellent result for LOI side Sligo here. Probably don’t hold it in the return but still a nice win.


What an embarrassment for Motherwell lol. What a cracker of a trip for the Sligo fans tho specially when Glasgow is so close

Morelos🤝Red cards

True joy this lad was too watch.

Missed opportunity to set the highlights to this music:

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Rodgers might have had back to back trebles and an unbeaten season.

But Postecoglu’s team is much better and they play really entertaining football.

I think he could manage anywhere. Mental he’s 57 and this is his first big European job lol