Scottish Fitba

Reading his name on a twitter search it seems like it and the fans like him aswell

What happens when the council own your stadium

I think this is actually ridiculous lol.



I assume the council will have a lawsuit coming in shortly from his attorneys?

What I find strange is why did they not care this much when he played for them for years before he left to join Raith lol


Because it wasn’t something they could score positive PR from.


Well the women’s team resigned and the whole can of worms will open up again with sponsors etc.
He might win a payout somewhere down the line but his career is basically over now.

the council have said on the news they were not able to do this until now and they have always wanted this to happen. Now they are in a position to do so.


Massive win for the Celts at Ibrox. 6 clear with GD much better.
Today could be the decisive win of the season now.
Big Ange doing the business. @Aussiegooner recommendation turning out too be right.


How does the next phase of the Scottish Premier League work? Do they start with the same point total? So does Celtic keep there 6 (as it stands) points difference with Rangers?

You mean the split?

Nothing changes apart from the league being split into two mini leagues where the top 6 and bottom 6 play each other.

Sometimes you can end the season where 7th has more points than 6th :joy:


Wait… they’d still finish 7th in that scenario?

Yeah when the split begins it becomes two separate leagues for the last rounds effectively

Kind of makes sense, as the teams finishing 6th and 7th next week could be based on goal difference after which the 6th places team plays the five best teams and the 7th placed team plays the five worst teams.

I guess in theory the 7th placed team could end up with more points than the league champion.

Delighted for Ange mate, thought he’d be a success and it seems the title is all but won.

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I know none of you will be watching it :rofl: but the Edinburgh derby in the Scottish Cup Semi Final at Hampden has been a brilliant derby match.

Hearts two goals were absolute screamers

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I did. Second one was a screamer. Stupid red card really fucked Hibs up in that second half.
Macey is crap on distribution though.

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You guys fucked up not watching the Spurs game