Santi Cazorla

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Such a shame the way it ended here

I liked when he had a decent comeback in la liga but I really couldn’t give a single fuck what he is at in the middle east.

Just stating my own thoughts here, not doing any knocking.


Imagine being a pundit commentating on the Qatari league lol

Because of the human rights record or because of the low level? I hate the former but I also love Santi playing beautiful football and winning wherever he goes. I’m happy for him that he’s had a swansong to his career. And these PL cunts would probably be 2 footing his achilles.

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It sounds amazing tbh. Nice climate, probably fancy restaurants.

As long as you ignore the legalized slavery and the fact it’s illegal to be gay you’ll probably have a great time.

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Nice climate, it’s a fucking desert mate

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I like a dry heat.