Santi Cazorla

I remember when he first went to Villarreal I was one of the people who thought he wouldn’t be able to cut it at the top anymore and though despite some good showings for them, he’d have been eaten alive in England with his condition.

But he’s just made a complete fool out of me and I love to see it. Whilst I still think he’d probably be on half those numbers in England, what I’d give to have him sitting at the foot of our midfield instead of Xhaka


There is no way he’d be making it through this season uninjured if he was here.

Mari was meant to be indestructible and look at him now.

This club is cursed. I am glad this wonderful human is far away from this mess and living his best life.

I mean the specific problem he had with his Achilles is usually seen by guys twice his age, but somehow he managed to be the rare case that got it.


Santi’s fitness would have been managed poorly by Arsenal - we would have inevitably overplayed him and caused him more problems.

Secondly, he would have been kicked to fuck by the many shithouses who plunder a living in England.

Great to see him killing it back in Spain. Pound for pound, one of our greatest signings ever.


That could have literally happened anywhere though, it was a bit of freak occurrence getting nobbled by his own teammate. It’s not like he got a Brexit tackle off some Burnley cunt that never could have happened in Spain or Brazil.

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These freak accidents keep happening to us only it seems, that’s what I mean.

Like Chambers as well, and Bellerin and Holding before him last year.


We really are a magnet for rare injuries

Theo with hereditary shoulder dislocation
Wilshere with a hole in his foot
Vermaelen with hereditary overlapping tendons in his Achilles
Rosicky with rare undetectable whatever in his knee.

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I think it’s probably more to do with you not noticing or caring if Aston Villa or Bournemouth get weird injuries like the one Mari sustained :grin:

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Is it wrong that this wonderful man is my favourite Arsenal player ever.

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I am glad for us that Santi was part of our club but his talent deserves a global recognition which he could have only received by joining the Spanish Duo.
Should have joined one of them while he had the chance

Don’t forget Debuchy getting injured on his debut from his previous injury.

Santi Cazorla and his weird flesh eating infection.

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I’d have happily overplayed him and had a competent midfielder for at least 5 games.


I would have had him around for sheer positivity.
The disconnect I have with this squad is so much I don’t even feel like watching Arsenal while we are winning.


When we’re what?


World class assist

It’s not disgusting Ed you silly cunt, it’s fucking beautiful!!

Please re-sign him this summer. Let me want to watch Arsenal again, if it is only for one beautiful man.

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You know what’s disgusting? Geoblocking.

Cunts all of them


The ball didn’t touch the ground. What a goal!

What a weird mixed feeling of being glad for Cazorla and being dismayed for us.