Santi Cazorla

Cazorla is all time God Tier. Dont wanna hear anything else


What a player, he was and is still amazing… Wow

what a beauty :heart_eyes:

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Be glad for him, Giroud or Laca would have put that beautiful pass into row Z.




Come back Santi! <3

Balague: “Cazorla has decided his future already, has told no one about it.”


Please retire and come home

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Bloke just constantly talks out of his arse haha

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was up there with David Silva level at Arsenal

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Such a shame

Arteta on Cazorla’s level of understanding football???

Easy money in the desert to finish your excellent career. Fair play to him.

Probably never thought he’d play again after our shambles

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Eh, whatever. No shame. He is leaving Europe with his head held high. Suffered a terrible infection that probably ruined his life for about 2 years. Came back at Villarreal as what looked like a nostalgia move by them and ended up being one of the best performers in La Liga for two seasons.
If he has the opportunity to get one last big payday he might as well go for it.


I’ve never seen an older player with seious injury problems ever make such a decent comeback like Santi has, fair play to him

Why wouldn’t we sign him for a season? And then move him into coaching straight away?

He’ll be earning multiples of whatever we’d pay him over there.

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Santi will make a complete mockery of their non-existent league while earning like £1m a game. Totally get why he would make that move.

We lost three years of his career.
Three god damn magical Cazorlical years.
We are cursed.