Santi Cazorla


Gonna follow Villarreal this season just for Santi. So happy for such a good lad.


Extremely happy for him. He is a player that no one can hate or wish ill upon. I wish him all the best and hope he continues playing for a few more years.


Would love to face Villarreal in the Europa League this season :slight_smile:


Glutton for punishment arent you!


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We hope the topic is okay here, if not, let us know.


Love it what a guy :arteta:


Just brilliant!


I dont get it, they’re only just doing the reveal now? Thought he went ages ago.


Yeah, but that was just a trial. He’s only just been given a contract – had to prove his fitness in pre-season first.


That was fucking stupid. I’d write it into my contract if I was a player that I wasn’t doing any stupid reveal bollocks.


Every pro footballer is a millennial these days no matter what age they are. Gotta have that good insta material.



Was heart breaking reading through the horrible injury problems Santi had, I really miss him from Arsenal, probably my top three favourite players since we moved to the Emirates. Wonderfully talented and loveable personality. He was one of those key signings that helped steer the club in the right direction again for the next few seasons and playing a vital role in ending our trophy drought.

Really hope he can get back to enjoying Football again back in Spain. Best of luck Santi!


Infinatly better than all we have at the moment


Still got it.


For me he’s one of the best players I’ve ever seen wearing an Arsenal top, in terms of raw talent he’s unbelievable.


I will have Santi in my team any day over an Ozil.


That midfield performance was better than all of our midfield performances in last 3 years.


You can tell his legs are completely shot from that video. It’s nice to see him still operating at a good level though.

Love the guy to bits but moving him on was the right decision.

He’d have been mauled in the Premier League with legs like that and a partner like Xhaka lol


Glad the little champ is back playing, seriously thought we may never see him at the top level again.