Santi Cazorla


I’ll never forget how he was a joy to watch.


Don’t be santimental.



The best choice for everyone. I wish him a comeback elsewhere. He deserves it.


Rejoined Villarreal!



A joy to watch and sadly we were robbed by injury of more of his magic. A real shame and I wish him all the best.

Thanks “Little Magician”…




Gonna follow him very close now :slight_smile:


Yeah best of luck Santi, shame we got robbed of your talents in your final 3 seasons in North London.


Genuinely one of the most naturally gifted players to don our shirt. Will never forget how comfortable he was with the ball at his feet, and how freakishly two-footed he was. One of my personal faves ever.

Hope he gets plenty of games for Villareal and ends his career on a a good note after the horrible last couple of years he’s had with us.


Last joy of modern football


:heart::heart:️ Look at that smile


Brilliant! So pleased the maestro is back playing




He suits red & white more imo. :laca:


Got tossed from a venue on Saturday night for continuously singing the Santi Cazorla chant with a few others whilst drunk, not sure why we started singing it to be honest.


So happy for him. Very deserved.



He better be fucking awful. I was under the impression we were letting go of an old crock, not a wonderful player.


I’d have loved to have kept him here, but realistically, even regarding how well he seems to have rekindled his form, he’s one knock away from the end. We were right to let him go. :frowning:


I’m happy for him, he seems to be a good lad and he is so talented that is nice to see him performing on the pitch at a high level club once again.