Santi Cazorla


Post 07/08 season imo. But there were hints of it in 05/06.


What an amazing team that would have been! Level with City, imo.


He has been one of the most influential players in our first team, and it’s no coincidence that since he hasn’t been playing we have dropped out of the top four places.

With him off the wage bill he is a player that definitely needs replacing with a player of a similar standard.
How we are going to do that with limited funds, I don’t know, unless an existing player steps up and does a similar job but I’m not sure if any of our players is up to it.


Such a joy to watch, bossed the midfield like no other when he was here, no one in the current team can eliminate two to three players as easily as he did when he was fit, Good luck to him wherever he goes.


Oh man, I don’t wanna watch football if there is no Cazorla esque player in the team anymore.
I forgot a bit what a delight his football was!

It is just dawning on me that late 00s spanish midfielders are slowly going away.
Xavi, Iniesta, Mata, Cazorla, Fabregas have all either retired or declined.
Only David Silva remains.

No Wenger, No Cazorla…Fuck me I am not looking forward to football anymore.
I am phasing out.




Wonder if that is from this forum as well :man_shrugging:


Yes now it’s just Isco, Asensio, Koke etc. Such a shame no talent left. :auba:


Imagine Santi played 30 odd matches next season :joy:. In all honesty it’s fhe right choice to let him walk though.


So many we should have pounced on before they broke through… not sure we could have got them, but players like Asensio, Dembele, Mbappe… would have been great to invest in one of these instead of Welbeck, Mustafi, Xhaka,… even Lacazette, who seems to be coming around…

Add one of the young Italian defenders and Wenger would be staying.


Would be a bit disappointed because it’s what he should have done for us.



My favorite Santi goal. Loved watching football at night at Upton Park


You know I actually think his performance against City is up there with any midfield performance I’ve seen from an Arsenal player.


Thank you Santi. You are wonderful.


Thank you and goodbye Santi.

Best moment for me is that incredible free kick FA Cup final goal.



The fourth midfielder who broke down on a fitness level after Cesc, Wilshere, Arteta during the last ~6 years. Ramsey hasn’t played more than 25 Premier League games the last two seasons if I’m not mistaken. We should fix that…


Ah man, Santi you were great.




Who deleted his number already? At least let us grieve first.

And his contract hasn’t even ended yet. You people are heartless!