Santi Cazorla


Right decision. Sad it ended this way though :disappointed:

Good luck to him back at Villarreal


Shame, I hope he can return in some role in the future though.


Wish the happy little Spaniard nothing but the best.


Wtf i thought we still had him on contract ! Noooo santi come back :cech:


The best decision for us and him. Good luck little unlucky genius.


Santi in 12/13 was inspirational. Would have loved if he could have continued as our AM


Not going to be quite so flippant moving this one.

Would really be happy to see him back playing football.


Unfortunate how it ended - still remember the day when Geoff on twitter announced “we are signing a little Spaniard” (Damn I sound like a millennial.

Scored one of the most important goal in the history of Arsenal post restrictive period.

Glad we didn’t extend his contract though - can’t afford to continue with the family friendly enviroment which Wenger created.


One of my personal faves ever. Incredible ball retention coupled with two identical feet. One of the most naturally gifted players we’ve had. Miss seeing him do his stuff. Good luck to him.


Shame we were deprived of Santi Magic so early and with no closure.

Football has been a torture ever since he dropped out of view.


Good on him, I always felt he’d have a stint back in Spain again before he fully calls it quits. I don’t think we’ll be blessed with such a majestic midfielder as he for a long while now. Enjoy the sun Santi.


Our midfield has never been the same without him. We have missed him so much :santi:


I miss him much more as a CM


Would have loved to have seen this:

           Santi - DM

       Mkhi - Ozil - Laca



You think Santi would still have been effective if not for the injury?


I don’t know tbh. It was more just about the pre injury Santi (basically the Santi who played alongside Coquelin) playing with our new guys


Cazorla ran our beautiful football, we’ve played boring aimless football since he got injured


Probably one of the biggest misconceptions about Arsenal in the ‘Puma Era’.


Has the banter era been so long that we have to break it down into these subcategories now? :mustafi:


I don’t know when the banter era exactly started.