Santi Cazorla


Let’s win the Europa League even for him.


As much as I love Santi, and aside from the fact that he raises the overall quality of our midfield by an exponential amount, I really hope we’re not going to put too much stock in him being a reliable first team player.

More often than not, players don’t ever make it back after spending almost 2 years injured. Pay as you play is the best we should offer him (pains me to say this).


His smile makes everything feel better, dear me.


Just retire already. He almost had his foot amputated FFS. I love the guy so much, but he’s never going to be the footballer he was and he doesn’t want to risk injury again. Better to go out knowing his last games as a footballer were a joy for the fans.




Love that you’ve been more active lately @Sol :smiley:

Is it because of Wenger leaving?


I guess it’s a bit of that mate - also because I have some time off from work due to taking professional exams and I’m procrastinating like a motherfucking fuck.


What exams are you taking?

Finance related?


Sorry Santi but hopefully it stays that way.


He’s looking old in that pic


Back to Malaga to help them promote


As manager?


rumours are that he might get minutes tomorrow :giroud3:


Really? WOW!


Eddie Howe is going to be playing some tasty stuff next year if Santi is back.


That’s a shame. :frowning:


He is right. If he wants to play again you can’t rush him back.


Wonder if he will stay in some backroom role of not as a player?


Sensible decision not to retain…


Good decision.