Santi Cazorla


Yeah, want him to walk again, not to use a wheelchair to move.


He has been named in the europe league team, if this is just to fill the name sheet than it’s a stupid decision IMO


Nonsense. He will be lucky to play the final game of the season, let alone the Europa League.


I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping the Europa League Final is our final game of the season.


You have to include all eligible players up to the maximum 25. With all our outs we probably have less than 25 so he’s included for procedural reasons I’d say.


He’s in the squad so that he can appear in the 89th minute of the final and Puyol can present him with the trophy.

This is why we should’ve re-signed Alex Song.


This guy had the same injury as Santi. Talks a bit about Santi at the bottom of the article








Well, they’re his legs. Who knows better than him as to how he’s feeling? Optimism may be getting the better of him, though.


Wenger also reveals Santi Cazorla could be offered a new deal at Arsenal. His recovery will be assessed and it will then be determined whether he can still play at the highest level. Current deal expires at the end of the season.

— James Olley (@JamesOlley) 19 april 2018


If that’s true, I suppose from the clubs point of view, it’s cheaper to keep Cazorla than to buy a top class replacement.


I can’t imagine him being offered anything other than a pay per minutes contract. I think sometimes we claim we might offer a contract to one of our players to help players get contracts at other clubs as a favour.


This would just be fucking pathetic. Your just embracing mid table mediocrity on decisions like this now. We fell away from being contenders by keeping on injury prone players. We are now competing with Burnley with an average squad. This sort of deal just compounds the whole situation and thwarts progress of youngsters into the bargain.
Hes simply washed up and no need for being assessed, no matter how much that hurts people. Get fucking real Arsenal and get some forward planning done.


Joke tbh. Santi is finished here. You can’t be out injured since October 2016 and come back at the same level in Summer 2018


For real.

Even if you still miraculously have the same quality at his age the body won’t be the same, I love Santi but it’s over man.


i’d imagine he was asked a direct question on it and i wouldn’t expect him to say anything differently to what he has done…publicly anyway.


Weren’t similar things said about Diaby and Sanogo actually?