Santi Cazorla


Just retire, man


Doesn’t his contract expire in june? If so, thanks Santi and good luck for the future.


So sad, Santi was such a fucking baller!!!




I’m probably one of the few who would love to see Santi offered a new pay as you play deal in the hope we get to see his majestic two footed self in an Arsenal shirt again


I just don’t know how he can go from nearly losing a foot to playing top flight football again, especially at his age. He would have been out of the game 2 years or so. Seems way too far fetched.


I don’t know. I love Santi and would love to se him play for us again, but we just don’t know when he comes back. Too risky.


Daft decision but if he can be persuaded to call time on his playing career we should do everything possible to keep him around in some capacity.

Or perhaps a nominal ‘pay as you play’ for a year while he gets underway with his badges


He has been one of our best players since RVP left and it’s no coincidence that since he hasn’t been playing we have dropped out of the CL.

He is a real team player, like Ozil, and was one of the most influential in the team.
If he wants to stay and be part of the coaching set up, that would be great, but to give him a contract at his age and with two seasons out of the game, it would be unrealistic.

Like @Robin_L said, a pay as you play, while taking his coaching badges would be the best option.

To have a player of his quality around the club is definitely a good thing.


Cannot be out the game that long and be considered in any shape or form as part of the playing options. Good player imo but nowhere near consistent enough since hes been here.


I want to see him kept here on a pay as you play deal as well. If not, then give him a coaching role.

He is one of the most technically gifted players who has ever played under Wenger. I mean, who the fuck else can take a freekick with either foot? Madness.


As much as I would love to see the little magician playing football again, I just don’t know if it’s a good idea. An infection almost led to his foot being amputated. The guy had his arm attached to his ankle for God’s sake!

I wonder what the doctors have advised – they surely can’t flip from telling him, “If you get to walk again with your son in the garden, be satisfied,” to “Yeah, play professional top flight football again, that’s a great idea.”


Because he is ridiculously gifted and adored by the players and staff, I’d love him to stay to get his coaching badges.

He’s been one of my favourite players ever in an Arsenal shirt, but we have to accept his time on the pitch is up.


Consistent in terms of availability or performances?


Has he ever even said he wants to get into coaching?


This one depresses me the most and I do think if we had competant staff he’d have gone on far longer


As much as I love Santi it would be disgraceful to offer him a new contract.


performances. After his first 2 seasons he was very patchy. Was part and parcel of the collective fail of this squad. Great balance and dribbling ability but wasteful and went missing many a time imo.


Yeah, waiting for him has prevented us from getting a good midfielder.


Tbh it’s because I love him that I want him to stop playing football now.

His leg is all mangled he just needs to chill and enjoy retirement.