Santi Cazorla


We’d be an infinitely better team with Santi starting instead of Xhaka. Yea we should of offered him a new contract


I actually think he’s much quicker than expected. Look at where he dribbles through 3 players at 10 seconds. He still has that insane control and low centre of gravity, which would turn players inside out

Obviously Xhaka and Cazorla wouldn’t defend well enough but the solution is binning Xhaka and partnering God with one of the new lads.

How I miss you Santi.


He’s short, he’ll never lose that.


Not sure why we didn’t give him another year. We gave Diaby so much time but Cazorla had been more consistent until what happened to him.


That was Wenger and Abou was in fairness younger. But I agree I would have loved having him for another season.


He looked like he wouldnt play again. His career may still be cut short. I hope not


Great article. Fantastic what the Sevilla fans did for him aswell. Hope he has an enjoyable injury free season. The magician deserves it.


This is a fantastic interview by Sid Lowe (love him!) with Santi – It’s staggering what he has been through.


Good read that, poor fella really went through the mill. I usually wouldn’t be arsed reading these things but it’s Santi and I love the guy.

I understand the decision outlined below, he cared about Santi, but it was almost certainly not made for the right reasons a manager should make these types of decisions.

And Arsène always supported me. He renewed my contract before the first operation, which was an incredible gesture. He called me in: ‘Santi, I’m going to give you the optional year. It’s here, sign it, have your operation with peace of mind.’ That helped me focus on my rehabilitation without fear. I’m eternally grateful for that.


For a player like Santi, even an extension now would have been understandable.
It would be years before we find someone similar.




There’s a Football Focus interview with Santi this Saturday


What a lovely chap he is. I’d like to think he’ll come back to Arsenal in some capacity.


Its actually incredible that he is still playing top flight football. Couldn’t be happier for him.


Emery’s next assistant? :henry2:


Now that would be perfect.


If he had stayed fit I think we’d have won the league in 2016 and Santi would have done down as an Arsenal legend.

It’s a shame that didn’t happen but I still love him


what game did he get injured in 2015/2016? Thought it was Norwich away but just checked and it wasn’t


Ludogorets (h) Downright poor management from Wenger with the overkill lineup


yep that was 16/17 tho he got injured in 15/16 aswell