Santi Cazorla


We have his son ready to fill his boots:


Who was giving medical treatment, rehabilitation, and surgery for Cazorla?
Spanish football NT doctor, or Arsenal ones?
How can they fuck up Santi’s ankle and archilles tendon that bad?


Name me some of the players in world football that can do what Santi does. We should buy those guys whoever they are I agree.


Don’t know it is true, but it looks so fucking thin :cech:



Wenger is crap on defence, so thats a no brainer anyway.


Isco? on a free next summer. :grin:


Fuck plying again I just hope santi is able to live a long fulfilling life on two feet.


I’ve only watched him a handful of times, is he like legit with both feet like santi?


Where was our medical staff? :xhaka:


Unbalanced though, 2 centre backs, 1 fullback, 4 forwards and no width


Unbeliebly sad if we never see him play again. Losing 8cm of Achilles Tendon sounds like a death blow to his career. I hope I’m wrong.

Prime Seaman>Lehmann

But yes Cazorla should be there, in his first season he had a case for being best player in the league and was a underrated magician that only became appreciated to many when he got injured but was an absolute top DLP.

Greater for us than Ozil for my money. My favourite player since Cesc.


Isco is sex.

He is more like Jack Wilshere, works best in the pocket between central midfield and front three, likes to drive the ball forward like Jack with the same type of posture as Jack has, same low centre of gravity but quicker feet and better technique, tighter dribbling in small spaces, more consistently good passing in the final third, decent shooter and sometimes shows some damn clever reading of the game and vision, he’s alright with both feet (his legs look… funky tho). Over all he is, like Jack, someone who makes things happen.

He used to mix periods of good spells with anonymous ones, but has slowly grown consistent, the past calendar year he’s been great and curve is pointing upwards. There used to be rumours that he was disposable (too good to not be first choice) but Zidane rotates a lot (neither Isco, Asensio nor Vazquez are ‘best starting XI’ players but all still got 30-50 apps/season), and Isco is loved there, no way he’d ever be for sale, especially not under Zidane (who would could probably even say no to F. Perez if needed lol).


It’s a crime against art & to deprive us of Santi’s magic.
His absence is a major reason why watching Arsenal has been such a chore lately.


Let’s not blow his absence out of portion. Arsenal has been difficult to watch for 4/5 years now. That includes Cazorla playing for us.


Sadly true. Not even Santi and Özil could make Wenger’s incoherence aesthetically pleasing. :confused:


Not true. Arsenal have played some great football when Cazorla was available.
It may not have been consistent but we did play well.
Now it is just bad.



We would still be trophyless without this goal. Santi :santi: