Santi Cazorla


Wenger and his poor squad management is the reason why we lost Santi.

He failed to properly rotate the side. There was no need for one of our most influential players to be starting a home match against 4th seeded fodder. Elneny would have been more enough to start that day and still thrash them.

It was common sense at the time to be aware that, a 30+ Santi whose been having persistent injury issues, can not endure a full season without being smartly managed on a individual basis. Wenger failed to protect him, simple


This really made me laugh. Great ranting


sorry lol, it has just pissed me off seeing just how bad Cazorla has been and just knowing wenger couldnt dip into the clubs coffers and get even a loan as a replacement but instead gets the poor bastard back to keep on training and then going back to get more operations then training again etc. His whole foot looks fucking knackered and terrible but he just sat there with a general attitude that at some point he will be back and he can just somehow after a bit of training be playing for us, he nearly fucking lost his damn foot FFS!


Wow I guess a meteorite hitting earth now, you’d say it’s wengers fault for not having an adequate deterrent.


After the operation I pretty sure the medical staff gave an expected return to training, which didn’t happen because of complication.

Bro wtf are you talking about?


are you stupid? he has been out for a fucking year with a foot they knew was problematic at best but wenger still was and is relying on him getting back to play in our midfield.


Since carzola’s injury we’ve bought two midfielders.
Elneny and xhaka


are they attacking mids or CAMs? how many games even this season have we said we need some creativity.


When he got injured he was b2b deeplying playmaker.



WHen was the time Santi played any other possition than 1 of the 2 central midfielders?


santi is creative though Xhaka and Elneny are not, they don’t give what Santi does.


Truth post of the year, but it does make your rant on Wenger a bit less on point (but not less fun :smiley: !) Just to clarify I cry in the shower every day over how we haven’t solved our midfield problem, so I absolutely echo how you feel.


Jack asking to go on loan last season has contributed to this situation IMO, last year could/should have been his make or break season hear, he could have either been re astablished as a first 11 player by now or shipped out in the summer and replaced


Just read he got a kick during Spain-Chile in 2013, then everything got worse. How the fuck did it happen?


We are in a situation where we have lost one of our most experienced and influential players due to a long term injury, which Wenger knew about.
Also we will be losing our only two world class players for free, which Wenger is responsible.

@Maverick79 is right to be annoyed.
If this negligence, incompetence and lack of pro activeness is not Wenger’s fault, then who’s is it?

Does any of Wengers supporters really believe he is going to adequately replace these players next season?

As for Elneny and Xhaka being replacements for Cazorla, does anyone really think that’s good enough?


That’s clever. The noise of the shower masks your wails and the water masks your tears. Good thinking!


Our medical staff :arteta: :facepalm:

How the fuck does one of the players they are supervising get GANGRENE in their ankle?!


They’re clearly not supervising him though. Seems like he’s done all his recuperating away from the club. We should be suing some cunts I reckon.


Hope to see him do this again :santi:


might never see him again :santi: