Santi Cazorla


i really worry about him coming back, one bad tackle and it wont just be over for his career it could be over for hi walking normally again too…MASSIVE risk!


That’s my main worry. Shawcross tackles him and he will never walk again.


Pointless even thinking hes got a future here. Should of been dealt with months go replacement wise.


Pretty much this…


Don’t worry. He’s not coming back.


IMO It’s not really that type of injury that will get worse from a challenge. He will always have permenant damage that will come and go and it could get worse with intense exercise.


He’s not playing for us again. Will get pareded on our last home game of the season before being released when his contract expires.


I think he is similar to Rosicky, although Rosicky was even more of a crock.
Like you say, he will come out at the end of the season, maybe even play a few minutes in some games and then retire.

He is easily one of our best players since he came here but realistically Wenger and the club knew a while ago that he was never going to be as influential as he had been, and should have replaced him a couple of seasons ago.

How Wenger is going to replace Cazorla, as well as Ozil and Sanchez is going to be very interesting.


I don’t even know why he would want to play again. I get he is in love with the beautiful game and it must be incredibly frustrating to not be able to do the job you love. But he came close to losing his foot - he was told he’d be lucky if he was able to play in the garden with his son again. Those precious moments are more important than a game of football.

It’s a shame to lose such a magic player. Of course it’d be nice to see him play one more time, but to be honest, for the sake of his health i’d be happy to not see him on a football pitch again.


The board probably consider Lacazette our Alexis replacement and Xhaka our Santi replacement. Ramsey/Wilshere is our Ozil replacement. They can’t endanger us topping the pound per points league. At least getting rid of Ozil would allow us to shift to a 433 with more energy and pressing.


That’s a shame because it is a considerable downgrade in each position but I think you might be right about Lacazette and possibly Ramsey and Wilshere.
Wenger will make a big signing when Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla leave but no more.

We struggled to get top four with three top quality players, so when they have gone we aren’t going to be seeing much CL football.


Just want to see him on the field again, even only for 5 minutes.


Seriously the doom mongers are out in full force. Let’s see what happens Santi could come back and give us that Rosicky veteran presence off the bench. Even when Rosicky was past it and injury prone he produced a lot of big moments in his few appearances. A massive wonder strike at the lane comes up to mind :grin:


If you want to start changing the culture in the dressing room to make it easier for the next manager, terminate Santi’s contract right now.

Need to promote social darwinism in the squad


Social Darwinism is pure trash.

You’ll be surprised to hear that I’m not a proponent I’m sure :slight_smile:


Surprised some lawyer hasn’t talked him into suing


Why should he sue? I reckon Arsenal are only obligated to pay him.


There’s also Wilshere and Mertesacker and we only have 23 registered players and if all 5 leaves we’ll have an 18 man squad. If Santi does actually recover we may keep him on another year and we may keep Wilshere on. Maybe Ozil signs if he doesn’t get a big contract elsewhere. Still we need at least 3 signings for sheer numbers. As Gooners we know they won’t all be big signings. I’d be very happy of one of Forsberg or Lemar or Fekir. One top player ready to peak who we can build around.Mata is probably going on a free this summer, that’d be a good pick up too.


I’m not sure we will be able to attract the likes of Fekir or Lemar unless we get a CL place, especially with Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla all leaving.

I agree with Mata.
He is still a top player and is the sort of player we should be looking at.
But again, would we be able to attract a player of his quality?


Fellaini will be free too, any takers?