Santi Cazorla


Hang on. Is that a skin graft from a tatoo’d part of his body…


Calvero did in Cazorla


Ban @persona for beating up Santi


From his forearm, where he had his daughter name tattooed.



Poor Santi :disappointed_relieved:


Release this guy ASAP! He has little to none use now


It’s haunting that we’ll never see this guy at his best again, or even on a football pitch again. Such a gifted player. Personal fave.


Gooner for life in my eyes, didn’t do enough to be a hero, but our generation will always appreciate him and that’s what counts.


We haven’t even seen him back on the pitch yet, chill out with all this talk about him being done.

On a different note what the fuck kind of quack doctors are butchering a professional athlete in this fashion?



but w/e as long as he plays well when he makes his magical comeback eventually.


Jesus, I didn’t realise Santi nearly lost his foot.


He is my favourite footballer and it would be a shame if we don’t get to see him play again.
So want him back.


Nearly lost his foot? FFS! How did it happen?




Such a massive shame, I’d have him in the top 10/15 players ever to play for us ability wise, he won’t go down as that due to our lack of trophys during his time here but he would have been a starter in any our title winning sides IMO


Out of curiosity what does your top 15 look like?


Vieira, Sol Campbell, Adams, Ashley Cole, Henry bergkamp, pires, fabrigas, RVP, Ian wright, santi, Jens Lehmann (over seaman IMO), Gilberto Silva, ozil and Alexis off the top of my head

Do you think a team with just these 15 players to choose from could win the league?

I’m sure I’ve probably missed someone out and as I was too young to really judge players like rocky rocastle, Andrew limpar, liam Brady etc they might get in their for some of older fans


I would also include Cazorla in that list.
He is one of the most influential players in the team for the past few seasons, and it’s no coincidence that since he hasn’t been playing our form has dropped and seen us out of the CL places.


Horrible story :pensive:

I’d be amazed if he ever played for us again to be honest. Such a shame.


Pretty light in defence, a few injury’s away from playing pires at fullback lol