Santi Cazorla


God, almost had his leg amputated.


His legs are probably the size of toothpicks now.

I’m sad for Santi tocry


Rosicky with mystery tendon issue in Knee,
Theo’s hereditary shoulder pop out
RVP & Diaby’s ‘getting injured from taking a shot’ fragility,
Vermaelen’s hereditary overlapping achilles tendons,
Wilshere’s hole in the foot,
and now Cazorla’s tendon to bone spur to dead skin

We are library of medical case studies.


I’m not a medical professional but I’d be genuinely amazed if Santi features in a competitive game for us ever again. Just can’t see it with his injuries compounded by his age.


I remember complaining why he was starting in a home match against Ludogorets!?


One final cameo and a proper send off is what he needs.

A fine servant to the club, deserves to leave with his head held high and on a positive note. He isn’t registered though is he? So any further setbacks and he’s got no hope.


So to me he’s alleging a combination of incompetence with both the surgery and the training regime that Cazorla was put on post-recovery


Surprised that our training regime are costing him the career and the leg :thinking: :mustafi:


Our first signing in the winter break confirmed.


He has been one of our most influential players in recent seasons and results and our performances since he hasn’t played have reflected this.

Wenger must have known all last seasons and this, that Cazorla was going to be like Rosicky, and a fringe player at best, yet still refused to buy a replacement.


This guy sounds like he’s reporting what he’s actually read and knows the science behind it but isn’t actually ITK. I think Santi’s achilles must have been in a terrible way this whole time for the calf to suffer that much muscle atrophy. I have an achilles injury that has stopped me running but I haven’t had the quite same obvious muscle atrophy Santi has suffered

I really hope we see him play his beautiful football once again.


I miss him so much :persevere:


He hasnt played much in 3 seasons, just fucking move on.


By the sound of things he is fucked. No way should he be considered an option any more which is so unfortunate because he was awesome.


Bit harsh.


We aren’t the same without him. We miss his ability to come out with the ball from tight situations.


Chelsea have got Hazard , Pogba, KDB, Alli and Coutinho are all playing for our rivals. We simply havent got time for putting faith in crocked players like Cazorla and Wilshire.[quote=“RichardDeP, post:535, topic:99, full:true”]
Bit harsh.




Spanish for “he’s fucked isn’t he”.


By the time he’s fit he’ll look like a mutant.