Santi Cazorla


Eduardo simply because we would have won the league with him in the squad in 2008. His injury shocked us.


Eduardo 100%. I have no doubt that if he’d stayed on form that season we’d have won the league. Who knows where the fuck that might have left us as a club…


Eduardo because we would have won the league.

But if we are talking about potential, injuries took more away from Rosicky than any other player in that list.


Our midfield hasnt looked the same since he got injured :frowning:


Eduardo was a great finisher and his injury had a massive impact on not just that season but the following ones where we were potentially back to having a great team again.

It would have been interesting to see if Diaby would have been as good as some people said if it wasn’t for his persistent injuries.

At least we got to see Cazorla fairly regularly before his long term injuries in recent seasons.

These aren’t the only players.
We have had several whose long term injuries have been detrimental to the club.


it has to be Eduardo, like everyone else has said he would have won us the league that season. I was at the hair dressers and found out when I got back that he got a nasty injury, was well gutted


Is Santi still alive?


Premier League squads have been announced, we didn’t register Cazorla so he’s definitely not involved until January at least when squad registration opens up again.


The Cazorla replacement is…Cazorla in January. #LANS

Shitty news that, such a class player.


Hes hardly kicked a ball in 2 fucking years. Why he even gets discussed is beyond me now. Too many busted flushes been one of our problems in the last decade here.


I’m clinging onto hope that he’ll come back and look like he hasn’t missed a day and none of you downers can take that away from me runs away windmilling


Calling Santi a ‘busted flush’ is preposterous.


shoot me then. People getting angry over Wenger and then all sentimental over injured players who cant play a part in the season is preposterous.


So our board kept the money for january knowing they will have to replace Santi :henry2:. They are so clever!


It isn’t utterly absurd or ridiculous to refer to Santi in such terms given the length and severity of his injury coupled with his age. Nobody can say for 100% certain if he is finished but it isn’t ridiculous for someone to suggest he is.


I think it’s premature. But we will certainly get our answer this season.


At 33 and having missed large chunks of the last two seasons, I don’t see Santi being an entity anymore. I certainly can’t fathom why Wenger didn’t feel the need to strengthen the CM position when he clearly doesn’t rate Elneny, wants Wilshere out and knows Santi is old and won’t have too much of a career left.


That’s fair enough :slight_smile:


I love Cazorla but don’t regard him as a viable option for Arsenal anymore, ditto Jack Wilshere despite the latter’s young age.

You could argue (only slightly harshly) he’s a waste of a squad space, but then having trimmed Szczesny, Gibbs, Gabriel, Chamberlain and Perez/Jenkinson off the list, we have room for the freeloaders like Debuchy to make the cut.

Only 15 foreign players too, so could’ve comfortably had room for a Lemar, Mahrez or Seri x2


The guy that made the video also wrote this on r/soccer.

Hey fellas, my name is Andy, I am a physical therapy student I actually run @SeraphinHealth and made this video, got some more info that I couldn’t fit in the video for y’all.

Some background facts I could’t fit in the video:
-The knock he suffered vs. Ludogorets was initially thought to be very minor, which is why he was originally thought to only be out for 3 weeks -Somewhere between the 8 surgeries, he had a procedure done on this bone. His bone then became infected -Santi’s wound initially healed in January, but was re-opened during while training on a bike

My full hypothesis on what I think happened (combination of facts and professional opinion):

Santi’s actual Achilles tendon has been 100% fine since January, but the skin around it has been causing all the issues.

Santi was subbed off vs. Ludogorets and most likely suffered a very minor achilles injury, which caused the achilles to become inflamed. This tendon in the back of the leg is constantly sliding up and down the back of the calf and ankle bones. I believe Santi also had a bone spur the entire time (think of a very sharp pebble sized bone growth) that caused further irritation to the already inflamed tendon. This is why between October and December, the injury got worse, not better.

Santi then had an operation in December (fact) which I believe was to remove the bone spur, as well has clean up the injured tendon. However, the initial incision that the surgeon made never completely healed (fact). This caused the surrounding skin to quite literally die (its called skin necrosis) and form an open wound. In January, Santi had the skin graft done to close the wound and started to train in February (fact).

At the start of training, Santi was doing well until he started to bike. The bike stretched the skin around the back of the ankle too much, causing it to re-open the skin graft (fact). Santi had another surgery done to fix this issue towards the end of February (fact).

After that, I honestly have no idea why he’s been out. That should have healed up by Mid-April, but according to Santi’s Instagram, he didn’t start working out until July. It is a fact that he has had at least 8 surgeries, and by my count there are at least 4 that are still unaccounted for.

He still has a long road ahead. He lost SO much muscle mass in both legs, and is working to be match fit by January.