Santi Cazorla


As much as I love Santi and want to believe him when he says he is “back to his best” I just can’t see him being able to replicate the form of his peak – he’s been out too long at a late stage in his career. I know he’s a magician but I think this is beyond him. It’ll be nice to have him back though.


I wouldn’t put it past him, tbh. His game is about technique, if he’s fit I can see him replicating close to his best form.

If we signed Seri–and ideally Lemar, though that’s asking Wenger to go way too much for the jugular than he actually ever would–we’d actually have pretty good midfield depth, with Xhaka, Ramsey, Seri, and Santi as a wild card later in the season. Only worrying thing is that Wenger would probably play Coquelin at 6 when Xhaka wasn’t available, instead of using Ramsey there (I think in that formation, with 5 defenders behind him, Ramsey could play the 6 role decently in a pinch) or Maitland-Niles. :confused:


I guess between them jack and Santi could just about provide us with enough depth in the middle if by some stroke of luck their enevitable injurys don’t coincide with each other


With five at the back I genuinely feel we could get away with playing two dynamos like Seri-Santi and get back to playing gorgeous Wengerball in the middle of the park even without the third midfielder.


Wilshere and Cazorla will play a handful of games st most in the remainder of their Arsenal careers I reckon. Something I’d love to proven wrong in with Cazorla in particular


I like his will, but if he played 10 games he would already be enough.


Either way, I’m not expecting anything from the guy as he’s close to twilight territory now, however seeing him play a few more times and absolutely ethering Pogba is a sight I hope to witness. One of my favourite Arsenal signings!


Cazorla looking like the boss of a drug cartel. We’re not getting him back guys :sunglasses:


I can just see that football brain pulsing away in that cranium.:santi:


He could provide us with some money :grimacing:


Miss this bloke. Sure he’s had his share of poor games and sometimes been a part of bad moments for us, but when he was last available we were a much better outfit.


Is he even alive?


If you could choose on player to not have suffered a single injury in their arsenal career and to have fully achieved their potential who who would you choose, Santi, rosicky, diaby or Eduardo?


Probably Rosicky or Diaby -both of those were wrecked completely for years (or career) by injury… at least Santi had a good run for us.


I’d probably go with diaby over rosicky just because he is a pure CM a position the we perpetually need a player in but also think rosicky could have taken us to glory of things had turned out different

I think an argument could be made for Eduardo being another potential culb legend we were robbed of and Santi is so important and has been so terribly missed over he passed 2/3 seasons you could also make an argument for Santi

Ahh why can’t we just have Barcelona/chelseas doctors/chemists making untraceable human healing sirums for us


Reasonably argued that Eduardo injury cost us title that year…


He was so lethal too, like litrelly the definition of lethal




Probably Diaby, given the talent I saw from him when he first came at the age of 19.


He wasn’t literally lethal. He didn’t cause death.