Santi Cazorla


Another photo of his ankle, put spoiler because it’s maybe nsfw or at least not very nice to look at.

Apparently when his ankle looked like that ^ he was still playing…


I just hope he can walk again now. His health comes first.


I was going to say that Lauren would have been a good choice to have in that team.
One of the most underrated players in that team and as physically hard as any player we have had.

All those players you mentioned had a winning mentality which is something we are missing in recent seasons.


I don’t think Lauren was underrated at all. Never heard anything but positive words about him and it’s simply a case that in a team of superstars he just wasn’t one, but was still one of the most solid consistent players around.


That’s the thing though, if your listing our top 15 players ever chances are you arnt gonna have many defenders, It not list our best starting IX


There were plenty of players that could defend on your list.
Any defence with Lehman, Adams, Campbell, Lauren and Cole with Vieira, Gilberto and Cesc playing in front of them aren’t going to let in many goals.
I would have said those players would have been more than enough to win the PL and probably the CL as well.


I heard a few months back a radio interview with Cazorla and he was quite optimistic about his recovery and about playing again for Arsenal. He said he needed some time to recover the strength of the ankle muscles but that he was determined to play again. I don’t think we should rule him out yet. We’ll see how he comes back, but he may still have something to say on the pitch.

Seems more that Marca needed something striking to sell some newspapers and took this back from the discarded articles box.



From the 15 I listed my formation/team would be

Formation 3-2-1-2-2 

                Jens Lehman 

    Sol Campbell - Adams - cashley Cole
           Gilberto Silva -  Vieira

               Bergkamp  -   Pires

                    Henry -  RVP 

Bench - ozil, Wright, santi

Even if injury sand suspensions ment we had to start the odd game with 9 men and santi in goal I still think this squad would win the league


I’d go with that.
Any attack with Henry and RVP, as well as Pires and Bergkamp behind them is going to score plenty of goals and not many teams are going to get through that defence either.

Most of that team are from around the Invincibles era, so they must be ok, and the only other players that I would have that weren’t in your squad, would be Petit and Lauren, but a bench with Cazorla, Wright, Sanchez and Ozil is more than enough.


Such a fucking shame we’ve lost such an incredible talent to injury. Who the fuck gets gangrene in this day and age? Next thing we know he’ll get fucking rickets or the bubonic bastard plague.

I want to believe it wasn’t the fault of our doctors (or which ever doctor we sent him to) but also want to blame the general incompetence of our medical staff and decision makers for contriving this disaster.

Putting his undoubted ability to one side, he’s one of those rare players who genuinely has a smile on his face and charms you with his personality and happiness when on the pitch. He doesn’t deserve a shitfest like this to have happened to him.

Get well soon Santi. Hopefully he’ll be able to have a kick around with his son soon enough.


Your post made me sad


Am I being completely ridiculous hoping to see him on the pitch again?


Why is it that bad things happen to good people? Why? WHY??


Oh you’ll see him on the pitch again… when the squad walk around the pitch applauding the fans after our last game of the season


Ahh damn is that the appropriate thing to say after seeing that? :joy::joy:

He’s obviously gonna have to leave soon anyway.


Wow that’s fucked, Cazorla deserves legend status for ending the drought


This is terrible but it hasn’t addressed the huge oversized elephant in the room, it really brings up some serious questions about this club. We didn’t know the extent of his injury much less about fucking gangrene etc. So i ask you WHAT IN THE FUCK were the club doing waiting around for ‘his comeback’ we have gone seasons without him and no replacement and it was made out pretty much as oh he had an operation it kinda hasn’t worked and he needs another one sorta thing. Not that his leg is so bad that he has a fucking hole in it or can barely walk and gangrene etc. The club and wenger fucking knew this why in the fuck were we holding out waiting for him.

wenger you are an absolute cunt of a man, how dare he put that pressure on a person to get back into a squad when his leg is that fucked and how can he stand there and do fucking nothing about our midfield knowing this. No wonder players want to leave in droves because the fucker acts like he loves his players and cares so much but he is just an egotistical ‘i will be right’ cheap motherfucker, absolutely shameful fucking cunt!


I very much doubt this is Wengers fault. Wenger is not a doctor and can only take advice from the medical staff.

If Wenger played Cazorla AGAINST the advice of the medical team…then maybe he can take some blame. But to call him a cunt over it is OTT as per on this forum lately lol.


did you read my post?

I am calling him for a cunt for knowing the extent of his injury (he would know and i am sure he would have seen it) but leaving the squad short and continously trying to get him back despite his problems to get him into the team, getting the guy doing intense training when his leg is fucked instead of doing his fucking job and replacing him in the squad even with a fucking loan player to let him fucking heal properly and take the weight off him.