Sam Lollardyce




Are the people from the FA actually the same group of people from the Arsenal board?




The best England could have got. I actually think he will do well. Better than Hodgson anyway


I actually think this will suit England, who no matter how much talent they have, always play cagey as fuck because theyre all scared of what the newspapers will say if they try to do anything and it goes wrong.

Fat Sam will at least get them producing a few results while they do it, and the decrease in quality won’t affect them because England are already less appealing to watch than a man with chronic diarrhea entering his fourth hour on the toilet.


Somehow i feel this is excellent for everyone involved.

Sam will be decent for England and he will give an entertainment factor for others too.


Well I rather have sam in charger then Ste Bruce. Now off to stick some money on sunderland getting relegated


Oh absolutely, the talk of Bruce was hilarious madness.


I think this is a great appointment, we can all say what we like about Fat Sam, much of it justified, but, what he will do will make us hard to beat, he will shore up the defence and will play players in there proper positions, and will get the best out of the players he has at his disposal.

Roy had no idea what to do with his players, he never identified a decent way to play and the results against San Marino etc papered over the fact that we couldn’t play and get good results against any of the top teams when it mattered i.e. Italy in 2014, Uruguay in 2014, Russia 2016 etc etc

I don’t believe he will allow the players to bring there ego’s and sponsorship deals etc into the England dressing room, I genuinely think he will treat everyone on there own merits and will give everyone a fair crack of the whip, he is a manager that has been around the Premier League and the Championship for many years, he appears to be well liked by his counterparts despite some of the banter and hopefully he will get the respect of all the players.

The success of this appointment will be dependent on who he has for his backroom staff, will they be his choices, will they be FA choices etc, if he gets free reign that he should do, then he will fall on his sword should he not get the results that are required.

Overall, its a good appointment, good luck to him, I think it will bring a touch of the Terry Venables era back, i.e. a bloke that the public and people within football seem to like, not the ‘best’ manager but someone who has the potential to get the best out of his players and the selected team.


OMFG the English are a proud, stubborn, stern but fair people. But they have no fucking clue when it comes to football these days.


Think this is a good appointment. Or to put it differently, he’s probably the best of the utter shit who we could have alternatively chosen.

He’ll get results and we’ll play shit football, so one out of 2 isn’t bad. :slight_smile:


Watch out Russia.


It’s the most pragmatic managerial appointment since Terry Venables. I think he’ll do really well actually.


Big Sam doesn’t take shit and the squad egos should get bruised a little, but in the end, it should benefit the team. It’s not going to be like Capello one hopes, but you feel it might be the wake up our boys need.


I like that he doesn’t take shit, my only worry is he’s a small time manager. I liked Hodgson in every job pre-Liverpool but once he got the England job there was a sense that he went OMG IVE GOT ROOOOOONEH AND JERRAAAAHD!!! Like he’d never had top players before and Santa had brought him a gift. I hope Allardyce isn’t the same.

However I think this appointment is realistic. International coaches are often not of particularly great pedigree. When it was Allardyce vs Bruce, you’d take the guy that always finds a way to survive over the guy who always goes down. England really need back to basics stuff.


I literally cant wait for him to not pick Noble. Gonna be worth it just for that.


Moments like this is when you realize England bring a lot of their misery on themselves.


At least he won’t try and be someone he’s not. Hodgson tried being too ‘European’ (football wise) but the players at England’s disposal just aren’t good enough for that game.

Fat Sam will likely play a fast paced percentages game and will most definitely have a target man in the squad, likely Andy Carroll. Hope he dessimates the team just for entertainment value.


“try to do anything and it goes wrong”.

Fucking gold!:theo: