Salary Cap/Luxury Tax Proposal

NBA style luxury tax in the offing.

May well be thread worthy.

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Lolllllllll pay to win but make it obvious


Hurts players and allows owners of big clubs to pocket more revenue.

What’s needed is outright wealth redistribution



As long as PSG and City can generate fake revenue from dodgy deals with state owned companies, they’ll be just fine.

Only way to really control spending is a salary cap fixed for all clubs, irrespective of their revenue.


So all these club’s stuck in the Europa or the Conference League where the acquisition of wealth is far lower while Champions Leagues clubs rake it in for an indefinite advantage as poorer club’s would feel the hurt of the tax while the wealthier could easily absorb the blow if felt compelled to break it.

Brilliant proposal, nothing wrong here. Uefa is wasting our time.

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UEFA and a stupid proposal

Name a better duo

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How is it any different to the failed ffp if it’s based on revenue. Books will just continue to be cooked. Pointless.


Also pointless to focus on wages in a sport where players cost £100m? Lukaku is likely going to cost £100m in fees and 75m in wages over 5 years


It’s just a bit of garnish trying to say the ESL movers are being dealt with. Obviously they are not but that’s not the point.
The worst present under the Christmas tree , can be the best wrapped one.


They just want to come across as if they are doing something

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The overspend on salary turning into “luxury tax” won’t stop the likes of City or Chelsea spending outrageous amounts. They won’t care if they have to give away tens of millions to be redistributed.

If anything, it just legitimises what they’re doing already but at a slightly higher cost.

And in City’s case, they’ll just carry on cooking their books to make it look like their turnover is £1.8bn or something stupid.

And as @Craigie said, how does this stop cunts from spending £100m on players when that represents a third or a quarter of a club’s annual revenue?

Docking league points and actually banning cunts from Europe is the only way you can get a handle on this shit. Nothing else will make a difference.

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I didn’t know it wasn’t a hard cap but a percentage of revenue.


Fuck off UEFA, come back when you got something good you fucking cunt

There are obviously always ways for teams to do their best to get around these mechanisms, but being from this part of the world, I feel as though the salary cap system that the NRL (National Rugby League) uses does keep things a lot closer.

You will always have teams in locations which are more attractive to players from a lifestyle and commercial perspective, but it certainly feels more even and more teams actually have a chance of winning the competition with good moves on the management side of things.

To me it just feels like football is just too big and too far along to ever really have a salary cap style system that actually works. (Yes I know this is a “luxury tax”, but the luxury tax system in the NBA functions as part of an overall cap).

Another issue is actually implementing anything like this. A full-blown salary cap system is basically off the table, and this luxury tax approach seems to be something that will just end up being worked around by big, cash-rich clubs anyway.

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