Saka or Sancho who you got? feat. R. Nelson

More his level, anywy.

New poll as suggested by @SJain

  • Nelson
  • Sancho

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I don’t rate Sancho, but seriously this poll after one decent sub appearance?

this is why fans used to laugh at us

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Do they not laugh anymore?


not as much, but probably still do

But also you have got to quesion how has a guy that pretty much 100% of Arsenal fans didn’t rate done more in 1 match as a sub than Sancho in stupid amounts of matches.


anyone can have 1 good game, also it was against bottom of the league, he’s going to have to do it in a run of games

yes…but yet again, he has done more as a sub in 1 game than sancho has done in a huge amount of games. Sancho could very well go on a run, but the fact remains that Nelson was deemed a ‘get rid of’ player Meanwhile Sacho cost what something like £75m

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just going by his dortmund days he’s better

Nah, what Nelson did today definitely outweighs Sancho’s entire career thus far.

Rival fans can laugh all they want, but we’ll laugh loudest, as we have Nelson, and they do not.


Sancho pisses all over Nelson. Saka is better than Sancho though.

I’m in the belief that with a nice run of games he would produce more than Sancho. At the moment Sancho is living on his performances at dortmund. Past two seasons he has just stunk up the league


He doesn’t beat a man or drive the attack forward. Sancho is light years ahead of Nelson.

Reiss has a good first touch and that’s about it based on his first team appearances bar today.

You could have been talking about Jadon Sancho here and no one would have bat an eyelid


Except albeit a few years back, we’ve witnessed Sancho roasting full backs consistently.

Nelson wouldn’t start for Forest. He probably does have attributes but seems such a weak player physically and mentally.

Used to think he’d make an impact here, particularly after his success (outut, his performances were largely crap) in Germany.

Happy for him yesterday, but he’s a downgrade on Pepe and Pepe wasn’t doing enough to push us forward.

Glad everyone took the Sancho v Nelson comparison in the light hearted banter way it was intended :sweat_smile:



I can’t believe that even one person would have thought it was an actual discussion.

It’s a football forum lol the most ridiculous things become huge :rofl:

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Can’t believe I actually had to defend Saka’s world class talent on here