Saïd Benrahma

Said Benrahma has failed his medical, placing his £25million move to West Ham back into jeopardy. West Ham will work until the deadline to find a solution.

What they gonna do, install a fucking bionic leg?

Jokes aside, I reckon they’ll use this to lower the fee they’ll pay?
This is a terrible thing for a player btw. Once word gets out about you failing your medical your value plummets.


Very serious thing to fail a medical isn’t it?

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West Ham are a comedy club

Do loanees not have medicals?

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I really don’t understand this obligation too buy. Suppose he’s crap.
Are they really binding these things.

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Usually I agree about the obligation to buy. But in this case they actually want to buy him now, so are doing this because they’re a shambles and left it too late.


It’s usually just for the purposes FFP. Clubs who might not be able to afford / unable to (due to FFP restriction) to buy someone but want him will just take him on an obligation so the cost of registering his transfer won’t appear on the books until the following year.

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Rare that medicals are failed, at Arsenal players that come with broken backs pass medicals.

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According to Ornstein they aren’t as straight forward as that. Sounds to me like that was some classic tabloid shite from the mirror lol

Sounds to me that each club has their own rules as to what a player needs to do to pass a medical and Mr Sullivan wanted to bring down the price