Saïd Benrahma

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Where you at bro, we need you to hype us up on this!


we don’t need a gk, unless we are planning on selling martinez and also we should go for mbeumo

This has to bring him back lol.


Just don’t see the need for Benrahma when you look at the options we already have, and as Luke said no need for the goalkeeper unless Martinez leaves :grin:

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No thanks.

Don’t need a winger and if we did, might as well make Zaha’s dreams come true at that price.

I can’t see it unless Georgson has given us a heads up about their release clauses. And an agent could do that anyway.

We need a CM and for the Gabriel signing to be pushed over the line. We already have Saka, Willian, Pepe and Auba playing on our wings

looking at his FIFA stats can’t really see the need for a player like him. :santi:

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I’ll take a Mahrez regen.

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Yeah where’s he been?

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Haven’t see a good source for it. Reckon he signs for a mid-table club late in the window. Spurs could do with him. :eyes:

So us then?


So that doesn’t rule us out then :wink:

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Wingers and CB’s FC

Can he play in the centre?

Do we really need this chap? Maybe if Laca gets sold i guess. Siu

:fire: :fire: :fire:


Only a matter of time before SRCJJ’s boy is snapped up.