Sadio Mané

Has Mané peaked and would you move him on for
a fresh up?

My main thought on the matter is, this is not our problem. :sunglasses:


Very good first half tonight. Faded badly second. Personally wondered if Ramadan had an effect. Still good player for me and don’t see him moving.

The ultimate system player. Take him out of the Klopp machine and I promise he never has this kind of career.

I feel like this is kind of harsh, I don’t necessarily disagree but I feel like in equal measure if you take him out of Klopp’s system, Klopp doesn’t have the same kind of success he’s had. Mane for me has probably been their most important player over these last few years bar VVD.

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If I’m being totally honest with you mate I have such a deep dislike of the Liverpool team and fan base that I’m so glad to see this downward spiral and will use it to fuel my anti-Liverpool agenda at any and every given opportunity.


Oh yeh I’m with you on this 100 percent, so glad to see their little plastic reign coming to an end, the worst part about it all is they achieved so much with such a fucking fragile set up. It really is such a shame the stars aligned and showered them with high end trophies these last few years because now the wheels are off it’s starting to look like a car crash in motion.

I also really hate their mechanical football and watching them play in general, they were so lucky to have every decision go their way and no injuries to some very key and vital players over this period.

To think these deluded cunts thought they had the best EPL side of all time.

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I will never get the Liverpool hate.
Always a likeable and historic side for me. Some of their fans are deluded and annoying but most fanbases are like that.
Anyway, for what it’s worth most Liverpool fans I know are very knowledgeable and a joy to chat to about football.

Have nothing but respect for what Klopp has built. He has turned average players into ballers. They have been playing brilliant football for years now and have contributed to some great football matches for neutrals.

I don’t think this is the end for them. This season was a good wake-up call. They’ll bounce back next season.


Man, what in the world.

System player you know. Your boy can’t chat to Mane :joy:

Players like Mane make the system.


I expect Mané to be back to his best next year…

I think it’s just age related decline. Lots of elite Premier League attackers reliant on quickness and pace have fallen off around age 29.

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This is a football forum aswell haha would be boring if we just talked about arsenal :joy:

Yes indeed, I merely expressed my own thoughts on the matter. :slight_smile:

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Next season we’ll find out a lot more if Mane and Liverpool have declined. They’ve both had poor seasons this campaign, it’s how they bounce back in 21/22 for mine.

Apparently he’s on £390K p/w too :tierney:

I think it’s more a case of a poor finishing season than a decline in age.

These are PL numbers only, but this season he has 7 goals from 11 xG. The last two seasons he had 15 and 17 xG and finished above expected with 18 and 22 goals respectively. xG per 90 has gone 0.49, 0.48 and 0.44 so not much change.

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Signing for Klopp/Liverpool at the beginning of that project was perfect for him and definitely maximised his career but he’s a world class forward regardless

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There is no room for this kind of chat here


I agree.
When I used to go to Highbury regularly the best team I saw was Liverpool. and their teams of the late eighties and early nineties were the best in Europe.
They played great football, they had world class players in every position and the best away support.
Like you, a few of my mates support them and they are usually more knowledgable and less full of it than Man U, spurs or Chelsea supporters.

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