Rugby World Cup 2023

These are two teams relatively low in quality.


Could a gaijin get away with wearing the Japanese rugby shirt? (Asking for a friend).

Lol. Marler heads it in to put Lawes over the line.

Just like old times!

I think this is the worst gane of the tournament so far (certainly of those ive watched anyway).

Very poor kicking and a litany of handling errors

It’s piss poor. I don’t expect England to go far, but knew this well before the tournament began.

Portugal were so unlucky. Only caught from the tail end of the first half. That card could definitely have ended up as red but lucky for those of us watching it didn’t because it make for a brilliant second half.

The “lesser” teams have been the best thing about this World Cup so far.

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England poor so far

What a game of rugby that was. SA left a lot of points behind from kicks but Ireland just kept digging

I really wanted the saffas to win so we are on the other side of the draw to Ireland as they are the team I want to win if not the All Blacks.

Best go beat Italy first mate :eyes:

We will be fine. They aren’t as good as 2019 Japan :stuck_out_tongue:


Due to sky showing fucking Newcastle again I’ll watch our game vs whoever tomorrow. Think we need to win to still be in it

The speed at which they play the national anthems is abysmal. Sounds fucking terrible.

Aussies have been absolutely shocking. Hopefully Fiji can get the job done over the last two games and knock them out.

The Arsenal fan in me expected them to turn up tonight but they were really poor and we were really good. Really pleased with that!

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All Blacks scoring from a maul, makes me feel sick.

Most bullshit move in the game, any other time and its shepherding but get a bunch together from a lineout and for some reason its okay for the entire team to stand in front of the ball-carrier.

Imo you should be able to pull a maul down. Fine to tackle guys to the ground any other time but when they’re in a pack blocking the ball-carrier its again fine.


French fans are such dorks, singing their national anthem at the ABs v Italy game

Can they hit 100?

Not quite lol after we lost to France there was so much on social media about how we could go out in the group stage, good to see that got put to bed emphatically.

Bit annoying Scotland are in this group, they’d have tried the England group quite possibly for example, and maybe even Wales one.