Rugby World Cup 2023

Kicks off tonight

Probably my favourite sport tournament after anything football related.



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Absolutely love Rugby - my support for Arsenal and the Springboks is very evenly matched! Excited for the start of the WC

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Wallabies will be shit.

My productivity is about to suffer greatly.

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I’m usually not that bothered by rugby but what I do love is how rogue the make up of countries that play rugby is. Like it’s such a random group of countries haha

Romania, Georgia, Fiji, Italy, Argentina, Home Nations, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Japan, New Zealan etc

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France vs Ireland vs All blacks vs Springbooks is nice.

The real show will be despite both having zero expectations who manages to disappoint more England or Australia.

What a game tonight to get us underway

Most open one for a while I think

Just about to try get some sleep before our opener, its a 7am kickoff our time :sleepy:

Not feeling overly confident with this tournament but would love to do the frogs in on their home patch.

definitely, any one of SA/NZ/France/Ireland in with a big shout and then teams like England/Aus could surprise.

Low key supporting my Saffies

This is some Christmas choir stuff, amazing

I thought the choir doing the anthem was absolutely awful lol completely butchered both anthems with the way they were interchanging singers throughout the anthems. Just sing it normally ffs

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France pushing the line at the ruck so far, already seen them in at the side contesting and not called

The French one definitely butchered after I posted lol. Did enjoy the new Zealand one though.

I hated it lol same reason as above, they just sung it differently to the way it usually would be sung.

NZ are frantic here but ineffective (apart from the try obviously). Think France playing a bit of a more patient game at the minute.

Think we are trying to just play a quicker higher skill game. A lot more short and mixed passing by our forwards. I like it as I think that’s our main advantage

It’s great to watch!