Roméo Lavia

May as well give him a thread


City apparently have a buy-back clause, the ability to match all offers and also a sell-on clause.

Lavia, Havertz and Rice.

Much better than Rice and Cacideo


He was absolutely fantastic when I saw him against Brentford

Wouldn’t be against this at all, he’s a great destroyer prospect with tons of upside.

Should take ASL spot in the squad as the developmental CM


We’re helping Chelsea sign Cecaidio tho? :angry:



What kind of fee would he command?

wonder if he has a relegation clause in his contract.

He’s valued at about 25m but if Southampton know we want him, they’ll probably want 30m or more.

How can we convince them that we want him without them knowing? :joy:

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I love the sound of this

He’s impressed at Southampton and there was a lengthy period they were without him as he was injured and they looked even worse (yes it’s possible) and he was a huge miss for them. It’s likely a bridge too far to sign Rice, Caicedo and Havertz.

Lavia will be homegrown and definitely has a good deal of room to grow, seems like someone who could be thrown in at the deep end and take it all in his stride.

Can’t be mad at this at all if true, may prove to be shrewd business.

Would anyone be happy with Havertz, Lavia and a mystery signing? (Edit: but not Rice)

If the player is superior to Rice, why not?


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Until he has a bad game and you want him out

Rice and Lavia would be like building a brick wall in front of our defence. We have to do this.


He’s in the top 3 premier league midfielders

Of all midfielders? Bold claim. Who do you have ahead of him?