RIP Diego Maradona



Whoa, that’s crazy. RIP Maradonna.

@Stroller will vouch for just how incredibly well put together the documentary on him was. I used to spend absolutely hours as a kid watching video tapes of him that my dad had and listening to stories about just how incredible he was at the peak of his powers.

A football icon and the most enigmatic superstar.



Sad news, RIP legend.

Sad news. RIP.

Very sad news. Would recommend his autobiography, much more interesting than your average footballers life story.


Wow, awful news. RIP

Absolute legend and probably the biggest character the game has ever seen, alongside being arguably the greatest to ever play the game.

Anyone who hasn’t yet should really watch the documentary on him. There is also a good programme that the BBC did a while ago now where Lineker went over to Argentine to interview and spends time with him around Buenos Aires (it’s on YouTube), it’s difficult to put into words how much he is loved in Argentina.


Man, I knew he had to have Brain surgery recently. Mustn’t of recovered. RIP

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So how old was he? I was just watching a compilation video of his warm up routine and it definitely looked like he’d snort a couple lines of cocaine pre match. The dood lived like a rock star from what I understand.


I second or third or forth the documentary. It’s brilliant.

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Rest In Peace Diego

Sad news, the first player i considered to be an icon without even watching him play, just going by what people around me said.legend.

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Goodbye Diego and RIP. :cry:

2020 can’t end soon enough.

RIP, the best of the best.

Sex at half time?

Up until Ronaldo and Messi he’s the best player I’ve seen.
He was a level above any other player at any club or international team.
He was the most influential player at Napoli, when they won the league title and for Argentina, when they won the World Cup.
He obviously had other issues but so do a lot of people that can genuinely be described as a genius.


Terrible the way the Italians turned on him following Italia 90

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Apart from Bergkamp I think Maradona is my most admired player of all time. Man does not go down easy when he got fouled a lot back in the days.

Glad to see everyone respecting him in this thread. RIP

Back to lurking again.


Truth is Diego died when he stopped playing. He was born to play football and never imo found happiness outside of playing.
Truly between him and Cruyff as the greatest ever.
Nobody in any sport ever embraced pressure and delivered more against the odds.
Truly remarkable talent and the game loses something here today.
If you haven’t watched the film please do, because the thousands of words that will be written won’t do justice the the film does. Argentina will be in a state of national mourning here as will all true football fans.
Loved this man. Privileged to have seen his career. Golden memories. Thanks Diego. Defending his legacy will be a hill I and many will gladly die on. Perfect 10.