Report: Edu offered job at Arsenal


I can’t accept this title. @Aussiegooner, @InvincibleDB10 and @SDGooner are far more deserving


Sev is more contrarian than cynic.

I thought he’d be happy with this because it looks like edu might actually have some merit to bring to the role but… :smile:


Isnt that a big role for him, what experience does he have what will he bring to this? I havent seen him do much of anything.


cleaning your room and taking out the bins?


Well this club doesn’t do anything for me not to be a cynic…first Emery and now Denis Suarez? I mean, really?


With this I agree. But with this potential appointment and the loans manager position Arsenal just created I just wonder what exactly Raul Sanhelli job is/is going to be.


Sounds like Vinai might be taking over Ivan Gazidis’s role at one half of CEO, then Edu comes in a step beneath.

But this is all speculation.



Arsenal love piling on the shit news.


This club… :joy::joy: I’m speechless


the Brexit shambles probably scared him, he’d have to go through getting another fake passport again :giroud:



Fucking everybody getting linked :arteta:


Fuck it let’s get Nicholas Anelka in there whilst we’re at it.

You want Arsenal? Get fucking Bergkamp in!!

He recommended Eriksen to Wenger way before Spurs got him!


It won’t get reported, but I’m sure Pires made a speculativre application, his CV must be there somewhere.


Oh it’s def there, I mean he’s that desperate for a job with Arsenal I fully expect there’s even an application in for club shop till assistant :rofl:


Wengers after the club shop one.


Keep it between yourselfs but I’ve turned down the job aswell.


Seems more like lazy rumours since Edu and Overmars are actually working in the capacity of technical director.


I think there’s substance to the Edu link but virtually nothing in the Overmars one.